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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. shadow84
    So what is the latest revision for NFB 15?
  2. Stillhart
    If you go to their website, it'll be the one that they're selling right now.  :wink:
  3. Clemmaster
  4. ohhgourami

    Yup! Breaks my back but keeps me warm during a SoCal "winter".
  5. Articnoise

    Lol I would not say that am a fan of this chip because I own the M7. I didn’t buy the M7 for the chip I bought it because of my good experience of the master 9 together with the impressions in some reviews. My pointed was that many others more well-known CD/DAC companies are using or have used the chip and that the sound of 1704 is not equally with the sound of Audio GD Master 7, hens the line of companies I mentioned.
    I don’t know if the DAC-19 is worth a shout or not. I’m personally not that concerned what DAC ship one DAC uses. To me it is about the SQ of the whole packages: DAC chip, filters, analog stage, upsample/NOS, inputs/outputs, balanced/SE, PSU etc and how they work together. I have heard and liked a verity of CD’s/DAC’s with different takes on DAC chips, analog stage and so on and have liked some more than other but have not come to find one component or design that I can say that I prefer over all others.
    Surly I have not heard all or even a fraction of the CD’s/DAC’s that have been made. What I can do is see what different designers chose to use in their own low-, mid- and high end CD/DAC’s.
  6. eddypoon
    Thanks MM, please also remember that for those outside US, they also bought through dealers.  I still have my receipt, but some may not. 
  7. conquerator2
    Does anyone know whether the Progeny or Gen V can accept a processed signal [Dolby Digital 5.1, Virtual Surround, Digital True Surround, etc.]?
    I know the Pro Basic does not but it seems to be different in that it seems to be made for CD Transports mainly [switch on the front says CD/DAT and has only COAX input], while Progeny/Gen V says OPTI/COAX].
    Any tips appreciated.
    Plus how much of a difference is there between the Progeny and the Prime one? How much of a down-grade it could be/how much different are they?
    Thanks [​IMG]
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Up until the Gungnir, I purchased all my other Schiit new. However, I'm totally fine with paying a reasonable premium over a registered user for an upgrade as it is hard not to see this approach as fair and balanced. I will say Mike, buying used isn't opportunist in my mind, there we can agree to disagree. If I had to go new, I couldn't have done so at the time. I stretched my budget to get a used  (still expensive relative to my income at the time Gungnir) and in doing so I have been able to talk about this amazing DAC so many times. I know for a fact there are two people I know personally who ordered a Gungnir from Schiit directly from talking to me about my experience, and the other guy from hearing mine. So while I completely agree with the tiered approach, I would suggest that the language of respect needs to be equally applied to all Schiit customers. Certainly when you consider how many people are out there like me; who have bought direct from Schiit before, in my case twice, will buy direct again, but despite that, for situational reasons did buy used. There is no shame in buying used, and in this hobby it is required except for the select few with such deep pockets saving money isn't an issue.
    Argo Duck likes this.
  9. thegunner100
    What about people who bought b-stock directly from Schiit? I bought my gungnir as b-stock.
  10. wink
    New, Used, second-hand,  B-Stock, pre-loved..?
    So, not all Schiit is equal?  [​IMG] 
  11. thegunner100

    My used schiit is better than your new schiit!
  12. wink
    I have musical diarrhoea.  Sounds like beats headphones.
  13. Sonic Defender Contributor

    I'm sure that counts as registered for Schiit, so don't worry.
  14. wink
    You'll get B-Stock upgrade modules.  No worries...   [​IMG]
  15. preproman

    Maybe, maybe not....
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