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Thoughts on a bunch of DACs (and why delta-sigma kinda sucks, just to get you to think about stuff)

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by purrin, Dec 5, 2013.
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  1. frenchbat

    Sorry can't help you. I haven't heard either.
  2. conquerator2
    No problem.
    Though I wonder how the DAC chips fare - one has a single PCM-67-P the other has 2x PCM1702...
    Not that chips are everything, just something that separates the Progeny and DAC-2
  3. kugino Contributor
    anyone here have the lite dac 72? it uses the PCM1702. i've been thinking about picking up an old r2r dac from monarchy or lite or some other company...but not sure how the implementation in the dac-72 is...
  4. conquerator2
    Any way to get a non-A variant upgraded to A today? [​IMG]
  5. bmichels
    As you know I just received for2 weeks of test an ARM DP-777 SE (the new version).

    It has Only 50 hours so far, and... I hope it will improve with the break-in because so far it is good but not really better than my HUGO.

    - How much break-in does it need before providing it's best SQ ? 

    - I have 2500 CD in red-book format, so I need a DAC that is best with 16-44 music.
    --> Is the ARM a good choice for people having much more 16/44 than higher res files ?  are there other DAC better optimised for 16/44 ?
    AMR-EC4452.jpg   AMR777tube.jpg
  6. frenchbat

    You're free to try and contact the EU importer in UK. It's Absolute Sounds in London, but I wouldn't keep my hopes up. 
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  7. negura
    What would you say you prefer about the Hugo so far. And with which amp/headphones.
  8. bmichels
    the HUGO is so precise !  You can head all the details !  it's incredible !
    I use it as DAC/AMP when on the GO (with  ED5 or LCD-X) or at home with my EC445  (with TH900 or LCD-X).
  9. conquerator2
    Cheers mate. I might, but I am not sure there's need for it. We'll see how it sounds if I manage to score one. I am sure the non-A versions still sound tops [​IMG]
  10. negura
    I liked Hugo's detail level, and if one focuses on this aspect the Hugo can look very good indeed. However as a DAC I found some big problems in paradise, such as a very 2D and nut size sound stage, lack of texture and inappropriate tonality to name a few of the issues imo. I would certainly expect the AMR to better this. Or be very surprised.
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  11. Sorrodje
    I can't agree more with Negura's opinion that match definitely my own impressions of the Hugo.
  12. smitty1110

    Usually the Schiit PR dude would chime in for this discussion, but he's on vacation ATM. Jason should be back sometime next week IIRC, and will probably try to clear up any remaining confusion.
  13. hans030390
    What do you find that it does better, worse, or the same as the Hugo?
    If I remember correctly, the DP-777 runs in non-oversampling mod (or close enough) with a TDA1541 chip for 16/44 or 48 material. Something else for anything higher bit or sampling rate, and usually I hear more about its 16/44 section than anything else. The sort of sound I'd imagine that will provide might not be your thing.
    You might like some of the vintage DACs using something like a PCM63 or UltraAnalog module (w/ oversampling) more, or the Yggy when it launches.
  14. Baldr
    What I posted previously was Theta policy when I was running it in the 80's.
    As I said, I had no previous precedent to follow.  Theta was the first audio company to upgrade.
    This is not Schiit's policy, current or proposed.  But here are the possibilities:
    1.  Generate the most $ for the company, offer no upgrades, and sell new models as technology changes.  Screw all users and view them as maxx cash cows.
    2.  Generate an upgrade program as a benefit for prior customers.  This involves a reduction in revenue for the manufacturer; the carrot is that hopefully it sells more units as it makes the offered products safer to buy.  This policy subsidizes all prior customers and in addition, used Schiit buyers.. 
    3.  At Theta, I chose to reward the original customers slightly more than the used customers.  It was entirely workable for Theta back then with a brand new program no one else was offering.  It is not about what Schiit will or will not do.  We will work that out later.
    It was an effort at that time for spreading the economic burden.  It was not perfect.  It worked.
    As I have repeatedly said, God could appear to me and tell me how to build the perfect DAC, and there would be users out there who would hate the way it sounds.
    It is also apparent that when one offers upgrades as a subsidy for technology upgrades - there will also be complainers. 
    If so, buy somebody else's stuff.  We are not perfect - but we are very grateful for all of our current users - and yes that includes the used buyers.
    Schiit Audio Stay updated on Schiit Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/Schiit/ http://www.schiit.com/
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  15. kugino Contributor
    two truisms in audio:
    1. there will always be someone who hates the sound
    2. there will always be complainers

    you hit the nail on the head, mike.
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