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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. DBaldock9
    Well - until I can modify the case so that everything fits (the replacement capacitors are a bit too thick), all the updates that I was planning for my DSD have been done -
    01.) Replaced all six of the 3.3V LDO regulators (5 on processor board, 1 on DAC board)
    02.) Replaced the 5.0V LDO regulator (on DAC board)
    03.) Replaced the 45.1584-MHz oscillator
    04.) Replaced the 49.1520-MHz oscillator
    05.) Replaced the coupling capacitors (between the DAC and LPF op-amps) with 100uF 25V Roederstein EB axial capacitors
    06.) Replaced the LPF op-amps with MUSES8920E
    07.) Replaced the 22Ω series resistors for the Balanced 2.5mm TRRS output with paralleled 10Ω resistors, to get 5Ω
    08.) Replaced the op-amp socket with a low profile version
    09.) Installed a MUSES8920E on a DIP-8 header, in the socket
    10.) Replaced the 470uF 10V coupling capacitors for the Single-Ended 3.5mm TRS output with 1000uF 10V capacitors
  2. Themilkman46290
    How is the sound? How has it improved?
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  3. DBaldock9
    Right now, I'm streaming YouTube audio from my PC, so the DSD is acting as a 16-Bit/48-KHz USB DAC - and I think it sounds fine.
    When I wake up after sleeping for a while, I'll cue up the same music in my modified & stock DSDs, and switch my earbuds back and forth, to see what sort of audible differences I can detect.
  4. DBaldock9
    Quick comparison of the DSD I modded, and a stock DSD.
    Setup - Using my HotFi HM2 earphones (2x Dynamic, 2x Single & 2x Dual Balanced Armature (8 Drivers per side)), with my Impact Audio Cables cable (Custom Balanced 4-ft 2-strand Type 6 Copper Litz, 2.5mm TRRS Plug -to- MMCX).
    Looping on a FLAC track, "Las Perlas de tu Boca", from the 24-Bit/192-KHz Chesky Ultimate Headphone Demonstration album (2014), on the DSD uSD cards, it seems as though the modified DSD may be a bit louder, with the Volume=17-18 being similar to Volume=19 on the stock DSD. The Bass from the hand drums also seems to have better impact on the modified DSD.
  5. gazzington
    I've ordered a burson v5i to chuck in my dsd. What are good iems, earbuds for the dsd. Metal listener who enjoys most other genres too?
  6. citral23
    Which DSD version do you have?
  7. gazzington
  8. citral23
    Personally I use the ZS7 for metal but with a small amp, because the 22 ohms output impedance of that DSD introduces a bit of problems in the highs.

    Generally I prefer hybrids for metal, single DDs are a bit overwhelmed in that genre (but I listen mostly to technical death metal and mathcore, so that's understandable, old school slower metal is fine on single DD, and those can be powered directly from the DSD pro without issue in higher frequencies).

    As for earbuds, I wouldn't recommend the various Toneking, as they lack a bit in "punch" for that genre, a bit too laid back they shine with acoustic music.

    I'd recommend the Nicehck EBX if you're not against EQ to boost the bass a bit and are not against a very "in your face" sound with lot of clarity and detail (but will sound harsh on less than great recorded albums in my experience, and metal has a lot of those, not everything has Archspire quality).

    It has great sub extension too, albeit barely audible until boosted.

    Another option is the BK2 wich is in my experience a great all-rounder for every kind of music, stock without EQ.

    Listening to Archspire with it as we speak, I feel the bass is sufficient in quantity and is fast enough to keep up very well, and the rest of the spectrum sounds perfectly balanced, yet energetic and engaging enough to not sound veiled nor boring, nor aggressive at anytime. It might not sound like a very technical earbud, more consumer friendly at first, but I have yet to put it at fault, which happened quickly with the bl-03 for example, that couldn't keep up with fast material.

    Others have for sure good suggestions for iems, my collection is super reduced atm.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
  9. DBaldock9
    The V5i-D might fit, if you remove the socket, and solder the op-amp directly to the circuit board --- and Make Sure that you Clip the Leads on the back of the board, so they won't poke into the battery, or you could have a fire.
  10. Themilkman46290
    I already tried, doesn't fit, instead of clipping, use a soldering iron to push them forward, otherwise you must replace those pins with wires, I simply pushed them forward and voila.. They actually reach the female side, no problem, but it adds about 1.5-2mm the case needs 2 extra mm to slide in the battery. At first I simply cut out a door to give enough room for the battery, but then I decided to cut out most of the back and make a leather covered metal back plate that is secured from the sides, with a pivot on the bottom and quick change screws on the top, this way I can keep 2 or 3 spare batteries for long work days or trips and change them out whenever I need too
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  11. Themilkman46290
    I really enjoy k's Samsara, for pretty much all genre, old school heavy metal, speed metal, psy rock, hip hop, salsa, reggae
    Heard a lot of good things about there higher end buds

    Ty hi-z 150ts are another good pair of buds, if my shipping didn't get screwed last year on 11.11 by beteran I would have the 320hp and 400hp but too bad

    Tone king are really good but have little sub bass, and depending on the model, get fairly bright, the to200 are a bit bassier but not as fast
    The to400 are very fast and detailed but bass shy
    The to600 is said to be good, decent bass

    As far as iems go, I only use zs5 on 3.5mm and sometimes tin audio t2 in the balanced

    I would stay away from hybrid or B.A. Iems, stick to DD iems, and better if 32 ohms or more, but some more sensitive DD iems sometimes work well, and some hybrids also (kz zs5 is a good example) it's a gamble
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  12. gazzington
    Cancelled the v5i I'll get the Texas instruments burr brown you recommend the other day
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  13. endia
    another option is to replace the battery with a thinner one;
    stock battery has a 5.4 mm thickness, i replaced it with this 5 mm one:

    slightly lower playing time though..
  14. Datinhkhach
    Hi , how to play dsd on PC using Zishan DSD as a USB DAC/Amp . I don't see any option in foobar to play dsd with Zishan DSD.
  15. citral23
    You can't, you have to make foobar play DSD as PCM
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