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The Zishan dsd's corner

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by neog007, Nov 17, 2016.
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  1. Merlin-PT
    The hot air station I got from Aliexpress main feature is it's very low price and I'm not comfortable recommending very low price Chinese devices that connect to mains power. It works well and I take some safety precautions (earth socket, not leaving it on unattended, not detaching the gun socket while powered, etc.). I have safety concerns with very cheap devices connected to mains power, so I can't recommend it.
  2. Themilkman46290
    Well, it doesnt look pretty, but i was able to fit lme49720ha, two 18500 at 2000mah each and replaced the 2 fake 470uF blue elna with 470uF nichicon es, all sounds good, a bit brighter and seems more controlled in the lower end 15498632250132807315576398195917.jpg side view 15498632601533825471340803031831.jpg i plan to polish and finish it once i change the rest of the caps and opamps in lpf, will order ldos that ivan tt recommended, i extended the board about 2-3mm using a brass spacer with a 2mm thread
  3. calico88
    Have you ever compare lme49720ha with V5i ?
    Sq difference?
  4. Themilkman46290
    Yeah, i felt the v5i was a bit better in mids compared to the lme49720ha but the lme49720ha seems to have just a tad deeper sub bass. Price difference was pretty big, i would probably buy the lme49720ha over the v5i but v5i also seems to use a bit less battery, overall best i tried so far was two lme49710ha on an adaptor
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  5. calico88
    Btw, that battery li ion of you using, r u sure it’s 2000mah ? Last longer ?
    Any sq improvement over original battery?
  6. Themilkman46290
    i couldnt say if sound improved with batteries but having 2 of these batteries brings it up to 4000mah and having 2 more like it makes it very convenient, dont have to worry about them getting discharged because i have 2 more in my backpack.
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  7. ThanosD
    So, I finally ordered the 4497EQ . I planning to do the Ivan's mod with the opa1622, to solve the impedance problem. And as I am gonna order an original LM4562 from arrow, I thought it might by a good idea to upgrade the capacitors too. So, do you have any recommendations? I didn't really figure out what was generally recommended in a discussion a few pages back. The order will be from arrow
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  8. HeyManslowdown97
    Most likely it wouldn’t affect the sound unless you noticed that the when the battery was running low that the amplification went down like a portable headphone amp. (So it’s probably has more with good capacitors that would make it sound better or with a certain quality in sound??). I have noticed that if you use a external battery “backup” charging at 5V/1A thr battery gets a FULL charge at a “Fast Change” like 2-3 hrs.
  9. HeyManslowdown97
    This may sound like a stupid question but can you Just swipe or add 2.5mm output in lieu of replacing 3.5mm output? I prefer balanced over 3.5mm and would love to have the additional opa amp DIP8 to blend the quality playback balanced or is it more complicated then just soldering on a 2.5mm output to make it a balanced output?
  10. HeyManslowdown97

    3D Printer it and while improving on the design by writing the thing you want to be put into the body like you could probably drop a wireless charging battery with a plastic back and if you prefer a cushion just put a think layer of stainless steel to keep the “guts” safe from between the PCB board and the body for safety if it drops.

    With the 3D design you more geometric shaping like around edges and you can cut on the weight of your rig!

    You could also probably drop a Bluetooth 5.0 chip Qualcomm Apx-Hd and LDAC connect it with WiFi to the board with a designer 3D made plastic case.

    I’m wondering if I can just replace the Mirco USB Output for a USB-C.

    If so...? I would also imagine with right coding or coder??? It would be DSD DAC Ready or just put in a XMOS chip 216 isolator PCB from DYINHK that’s connected to AK4497Eq ??? But that’s way too ambitious for my current mediocre (at best) mod skills. Maybe in a year who knows??? I’ll be the Next Ivan??? Lol. I got the big ideas just not the skillz yet :wink:
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  11. Merlin-PT
    It's more complicated, you can't do that.
    The PCB circuit around the last socket opamp is designed to "transform" the balanced output in unbalanced.
    You would have to redo the circuit.

    The last photo Ivan posted doesn't have any audio path capacitors, he changed the circuit to remove them all, because capacitors in the audio path are undesired to the sound quality.

    Do you want to experiment with those before you change to Ivan circuit, or you talking about other capacitors?
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
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  12. HeyManslowdown97
  13. HeyManslowdown97
  14. ThanosD
    I will probably remove the top 2 (ELNA?) capacitors, like Ivan did, so I am mostly looking for replacements for the other six at the left side of the board, and the 4 near the AK4497 chip. I don't know if all those are in the audio path, or if they are part of the power circuit. But I saw in many pictures that people have changed them, and thought it might be a good idea.
  15. Merlin-PT
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
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