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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. raoultrifan
    @Moses4188, I would try OPA1612 in I/V and LPF, but also LME49720/LM4562 in I/V and LPF as well. Based on http://nihtila.com/2017/01/08/pcm1794a-output-stage-opamp-measurements-lm4562-ne5532-and-opa2134/:
    "The best solution is to use NE5532 in I/V-stage and LM4562 in differential amplifier as it gives almost identical performance to all-LM4562 implementation".

    If DAC implementation is a very good one and the PCB layout is very good too, then with cheap opamps we can achieve lowest THD+N and a neutral sound.
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  2. dB Cooper
  3. Panagiotis
    Hello dear friends

    I have been using for a couple of years 3X AD797BR opamps on my asus xonar essence st (of course on a dual to mono soic adaptor) being gratly satisfied until i tried the opa1622 opamp. I've been greatly impressed! Currently I have only one on the buffer stage keeping my ad797br's on the IV section.

    I'm thinking of purchasing two more opa1622 for the IV stage but I also study the case of trying a FOX LAB NT-D1 discrete op amp on the buffer stage as well.


    Do you have any experience on the FOX LAB NT-D1 discrete op amp? I cannot find any reviews anywhere... For the people that might suggest Burson, I'd say that I'm not willing to spent the amount for them as a personal decision.

    I thank you in advance.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2019
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