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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. Renfield1217

    hi fredeb,
    And great, let us know your thoughts. They take some time to break in, so be aware of that. If you are using these in an original STX  you should be fine. I think there is an issue with them and the STXII since the STXII has decoupling caps on the card, where the STX does not.
    They should be a nice upgrade from the OPA1612's though. Darker, better bass, and will make most anything sound better (ie; forgiving).
    Looking forward to your impressions...
  2. jimwallen
    I've not had any issues with my STXII and the Burson's.
  3. Renfield1217

    Hi jimwallen,
    And great to hear. 
    My post was just my observations of Burson 5Vi's in an STXII. Was not meant that everyone would have the same experience. I liked the 5VI's, at their price point they are very good opamps.
    Perhaps had I never ran full discrete opamps before trying the V5i's I would have liked them better.
    But, it would be interesting to know if the V5i's circuitry included decoupling caps, especially since the STXII already has them.
  4. Muad'dib
    Figured I'd chime in as I was upgrading my Xonar Essence ST to Burson V5i's and its been a nightmare so far.  Put v5i's in both the opamp and buffer and I always get a loud noise that starts to sweep frequencies. 
    Been trying to get some help from Burson but its been weeks and not much luck at all.  Been testing them in the buffer space alone for defects, but when I told them one had bad balance they thought the problem was identified and just sent another one problem solved... problem is I already bought a spare from them and told them the 3 others were still not working together, when I reminded them of that they said, "I am sure you can put back the set of three in there. Just make sure they have some sort of reinforcement pressing them down to the PCB." *facepalm*
    After longer testing in the buffer I found they start to cut out with loud pops in one channel, and if i played a strong signal back and tried to mute that channel it would pump out quite a  bit of noise, but otherwise it would be hard to tell anything was wrong in buffer but when put in I/V and buffer definite sweeping noises would creep in almost immediately.
    Anyone else have this experience with the burson opamps? Really didnt think all 4 would be unusable.
  5. Voxata
    No, this is very odd behavior. Are any sockets damaged?
  6. Jonathan Crouch
    This usually happens because they are not secure and need a cool/well ventilated environment. Burson had sent me 3 sets of amp's from my first 3 that I had damaged and they worked extensively with me to fix the problem. They seem to get hot pretty fast otherwise which destroys them.
  7. Muad'dib
    The sockets dont appear to have any damage, after taking the burson opamps out havent had a problem and I've looked at the socket closely since trying this out.
    Interesting about the temps, I'd definitely heard if they have bad contact and or slide out it they could definitely overheat and cause damage, didnt realize they were actually super sensitive to temps otherwise. 
    As it is in this case, it is a well ventilated case, got 3k rpm noctua's in there that gets a bit a flow over the card and out the empty slot below it, and in testing I periodically checked the opamps to see if they were overheating and didnt have a problem.

    What did you end up doing to ensure they dont over heat? something like making sure there was an open slot beneath the car to vent?  Can't think of anything more I can do in that regard, and they definitely didn't budge out of their socket, just as snug as in initial when checked.
  8. Muad'dib
    Hey also curious jonathan, it sounds like such an issue would creep up over time, is that the case? I ask cause I got the sweeping noises immediately after install, didnt seem like there was time for overheating to be an issue.
    Edit: Nvm read through your post history, intense, but it sounds like you didnt resolve the issues, that you ended up switching to another soundcard, is that the case?
  9. Haik
    Hello. I have 3 pcs AD8620AR AD823 genuine from AD, 4pcs LM6172IN and 2 pcs OPA1612AID 4xOPA627AU from Texas and  LT1634CN. So what combination will better?
  10. fredeb
    I'd start with 1x LM6172IN in the buffer position and 2x OPA1612AID in the I/V section , and try all the rest in the I/V section and see which sound you prefer . We all have our own ears , and one man's meat is anothers poison . Play with them - there's a time and a place for everything . Try different styles of music , acoustic , electric , vocal etc. 
  11. Haik
    I set 3 AD8620AR at this moment and they sounds very very good. I don't think there can be better sound. But not yet tried others, because i wait for soic 2 dip adapters. I soldered directly AD8620 temporary until they come.
  12. Jonathan Crouch
    The issues were resolved by securing them. I have been using them for almost 3 months now without problems. I'll post pictures of mine soon
  13. fredeb
    Burson Audio Supreme Sound Op amp V5i Dual review
    I was approached by Charles from Burson Audio to see if i would like to review the Supreme Sound V5i . Yeah ! For sure I'd be interested . This was on the 22nd of February , and finally , about a week ago , 3 beautiful Supreme Sound Op amp V5i's arrived . 2 months sounds about right for the understaffed , under-payed  South African Postal Service employees . 
    The V5i's ( and Burson Audios other op amps ) come in a dual op amp or single op amp  package , I was approached due to my involvement in the STX op amp thread , and was thus sent 3x dual channel versions of the V5i . If you have a Xonar Essence STX or STXll , these are what you need . Other devices may require single channel versions , check the data sheet of your current op amps to be sure which version you need .
    Homepage : https://www.bursonaudio.com/products/supreme-sound-opamp-v5i/
    Data-sheet : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bxn23njCr8VCWGh4bHBZYTVLYWs/view
    First off , I tried 1x V5i in a WM8740/DIR9001 DAC board from eBay . I previously had inserted an OPA1612AID in place of the stock JRC5532 into the single op amp socket , and had wondered how on earth the sound could possibly get any better . I was using the DAC at my workshop - feeding it FLAC files from my laptop . The DAC then feeds a vintage ~1970 Pioneer SM-83 Push/Pull valve amplifier , which in turn drive full-range vintage Goodman Twin axiom 10's . 
    s-l1600.jpg       Roehren_Archaeologie__11.jpg
    Second , I tried all 3 V5i's in the Xonar STX in my home PC - feeding a vintage ~1989 JL Hood/Hart K1100series mosfet amplifier that is driving vintage B&W DM12's ( superb monitors if you ever come across a pair ) . The Xonar STX has up until now had 2x OPA1612AID in the I/V section and a LM6172IN in the buffer . 
    JL Hood/Hart K1100 :  http://www.angelfire.com/sd/paulkemble/sound3d.html
    I have a couple of reference tracks that I listen to , to evaluate various gear that I own . One of my references is Al di Meola's " Traces of a Tear " from the album " Cielo e Terra " . What I immediately noticed is that the  sound is much fuller , bass is more well-defined , and timbre seems more accurate . In case you don't know what timbre means : " In musictimbre (/ˈtæmbər/ tam-bər, also known as tone color or tone quality from psycho-acoustics) is the perceived sound quality of a musical note, sound, or tone that distinguishes different types of sound production, such as choir voices and musical instruments, such as string instruments, wind instruments, and percussion instruments, and which enables listeners to hear even different instruments from the same category as different (e.g. a viola and a violin). " . Yes - it means a violin sounds like it's meant to - accurate portrayal of timbre . Separation is also quite exceptional , I can hear the over-laid voices , guitars , every seed dropping from the rain-stick , and chimes clearly and individually , including the fingers sliding on the strings . Amazing ! Decay is excellent , fast - sound stops to dead silence instantaneously , when it should . The sound is syrupy sweet , warm in a musical sense - I'm guessing that odd and even order harmonics were paid attention to in the design of this op amp - this is possible in valve and solid-state design if the designer has an awareness of it .
    Here's an article to familiarize yourself with different types of distortion : http://douglas-self.com/ampins/dipa/dipa.htm
    Next I thought I'd try a little psychedelic music - White Zombies' " More Human Than Human " (Meet Bambi In The King's Harem Mix) from their album " Supersexy Swingin' Sounds " . All the glorious power that this track portends is present as is right in psychedelic carnival world of White Zombie . The " fullness " of sound I mentioned earlier does not polarize the fullness in " More Human Than Human " , but only enhances the sound . The various layers within each other portrayed quite clearly , it's getting late and I must remember not to alienate my elderly neighbors . :)  All the twisted , horror bits woven through the various tracks further into the album are made plain by the V5i's , loving them ! I totally get Renfield1217 statement earlier re darkness of the bass . And so listenable , never fatiguing , well balanced , straight-forward and honest . 
    I trully didn't believe the sound could get any better , and it has , astoundingly so . Wow !
    Burson Audio are certainly on track with this phenominal product - get some now ! 
    if I get time , I'm gonna stick these babies in my phonostage too !
  14. Muad'dib
    Thanks but your info doesn't seem to be related as you mentioned using the V5, I am using the V5i-d's, they are much smaller, and I can tell you they never moved a milimeter out during my testing. In fact I have the single replacement they offered right now in the buffer and it also shows immediate issues. Similarly they were well ventilated and tested for being hot.

    I wonder if someone else with V5i's in their essence ST could test if you can mute one channel and play music t hrough the other? I just got 1 replacement opamp from them to try in the buffer and it will produce very loud scratching noises through the muted channel, would be interested if people can tell me their clearly pass the test.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2017
  15. gfache
    Hello Muad'dib,
    I've also the STX2 unto which I set 3 Burson V5i and get the sweeping noises immediately after install. I was thinking to interferences between the card and the speakers (Dynaudio BM5A) but by changing cables, assuring the cable be far from power cable it didn't fixed it. I finally get an exellent fix by replcing the buffer aop by one of the remaining Muse 8920. The sound is really good in this configuration using the HIFI mode in asus software.
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