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The Xonar Essence STX Q/A, tweaking, impressions thread

Discussion in 'Computer Audio' started by telix, Apr 28, 2009.
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  1. Voxata
    Burson V6 is coming... I can't wait to lay ears on it!
  2. Oubadah
    Has the STX been discontinued? All the stock seems to have dried up in my country. There's no STX II stock either, but there never really was here - there was still plentiful STX stock in mid-2015 when I purchased my last one, while the STX II was impossible to get.

    I'm sure everyone was still selling the STX when I looked last year. Now when I go to buy one, nothing.
  3. Muad'dib
    I believe the STX was discontinued in 2012, to answer your question, it seems you are looking in places that only handled the overstock, dont know where to suggest not even knowing your region, but amazon here in north america is still selling the STX II, and the asus site still lists the STX II... so someday somehow, you should be able to find the STX II, but the STX may have finally depleted the main supply. Real shame is I want another ST in case mine dies... that'd probably be hard to find.
  4. bcschmerker4
    Thanks for the notes on availability. I anticipate some rebuild on the Hot Rod gPC™, and my first target is the original ST, as I need PCI 2.2 due to anticipated need for both PCIe slots for other requirements on either the Gigabyte® GA-MA78GM-S2HP currently installed or (if I can't get the stock ITC® super multi-I/O to behave) a GA-MA785GM-US2H. (I'm transferring the ASUS® EAH6850/2DIS/1GD5 from the CM1630-06 when I land a 4+ GiB video card to operate under Microsoft® Windows® 10.0.17604.nnn; Win 10 is a video-memory hog compared to 6.1.7601.) The STX II restores the expandability of the original ST in a PCIe x1 format.
  5. Muad'dib
    Yep, obviously I can confirm my ST is pci, works with an H6 card. And that yes if you can find it, I believe the original ST has the best SNR, and build quality, of all the essence line.
  6. alphanumerix1
    There's a v6 now?
  7. Shredicus
    Yes, I've got a set on the way as well for my ST I/V stages. Looks promising!
  8. Jay Callen

    Hello Shredicus,

    As owner of two defective V5 (both failed after ~200 hours in STXII I/V stages), I'm curious to know whether your V6 order is 1.) new purchase, or 2.) warranty replacement for V5?

  9. alphanumerix1
    Oh right v6 vivid and classic.

    Nice, My stx needs upgrade for sure.

    Do i get dual or single? 2 or 3 of each?
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2017
  10. Shredicus
    New purchase. I've seen some other users posting issues similar to yours. Hoping the v6 is more robust.

    Our cards use 3 dual opamps. I bought 2 for I/V stage since I really only use the headphone jack. For speaker listening add 1 more for the buffer stage. I opted for vivid as well.
  11. alphanumerix1
    Thank you

    Ill get the 3 as i do speaker listening also.
  12. alphanumerix1
    Did they arrive? impressions?
  13. flea22
    Hello guys, was looking around for a desktop headphone amp for my lcd 3's, was thinking this could be a good option seeing I all ready have the stx. Would the burson v6 on the stx be able to drive the audeze lcd 3's? I really dont have the desk space for a external amp. The other option I was looking at was the woo audio firefly because of the size and I love the look of it. Also I'm a noob and have no idea what i'm doing.
    Cheers Leigh
  14. Muad'dib
    Hi Leigh, this post is about opamp upgrades to the asus xonar, these go BETWEEN the dac inside the xonar and its internal headphone AMP, so this isn't an upgrade for the amp itself, these are attempts simply to refine the DAC sound going to the internal amp or to an external amp, so its unlikely to change its ability to drive something like the lcd-3's, other than possible making it output nothing but noises and crackles before it dies (a common occurence with the burson). The internal amp should be adequately capable of driving the lcd-3's but I dont own them and am not looking at the specs, but it sounds like you have them, so I'll say if the volume level is the problem you need to find a different option for a headphone amp, this thread doesn't have headphone amp discussions, although seemingly plenty of australian users like yourself and burson sales people...
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  15. Raine
    so I have the STX2 and so far I like it alot. but I'm upgrading my pc and getting a pair of monitor speakers (Adam A7X)
    and thought I should really upgrade my amps while at it.
    do any of you have experience with pairing V5i's and Muse 8920 or sparkos ss3602 combo?
    I was thinking V5i's on I/V and Muse 8920 or sparkos SS3602 on buffer?
    how do you think this would work?
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