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The Xiaomi Pistons Thread 2.0

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  1. SymphonyX7
    I've had my Pistons 2 for nearly a week now, with around 40 hours burn-in time already. I'm not sure if I'm expecting too much from the Pistons, but I'm underwhelmed. They are phenomenal for the price (at least compared most IEMs available at your local shop) but to me they're still not as good as HeadFi's perennial budget favorite, the Philips 3580. I also have the Sony MH1C which is very similar to the 3580 and likewise the Pistons, and Pistons sound are like an inferior version of both. They're similar in spite the fact that they're all V-shaped, but the Pistons seem to be tuned to sound more energetic rather than accurate. On the Pistons, bass is boomier, mids less recessed, treble sparkly and with an airy presentation (wider than MH1C, but not as wide as 3580). But sub-bass and mid-bass detailing is clearly inferior on the Pistons, and they just don't dig as deep. I'm also not happy with the mid-bass bleed. 

    It doesn't really do anything bad as it's already superbly tuned out of the box, but I feel like they should've left more headroom for EQing, as the Pistons relatively aren't as receptive when EQed. For instance, adding a forward peak starting from around 7 Khz would normally widen the soundstage, brighten treble and smoothen bass a bit, but the Pistons react to this change by hollowing the entire spectrum and making the highs very shrill (possibly because of the chamber composition? The Pistons are metal). 

    Either way, I'm in no way saying they're bad, but they're very hyped. They're a jack of all trades and is the perfect upgrade for the not so discerning. It doesn't pick any genres, it just sounds good regardless. You can tell by all the people who bought it recently and think the Pistons 2 are the best thing they've ever heard. But since it can't even match the clarity and detail retrieval of the old (and cheaper) 3580, I say it isn't as good as it was hyped. Anyone who's jumped into the Vsonic train two years ago, or already have a 3580 won't find an upgrade in the Pistons 2. Not unless they need a mic. 

    Anyway, at least I can thank (or curse) these Pistons 2 purchase for making me interested in portable audio again. I've since ordered a KZ ED Special Edition and TTPod T1E, both of which are supposedly V-shaped too. I'm getting a Havi B3 down the line, but I'm not really too eager to get one asap since my coworker has one and I already know how great they sound (they're better than the GR07 BE and RE-400 imo, and for only $60 too!).
  2. mikp
    Never did connect a headset directly to the nexus 4 before, but tried it this time. Found out the volume buttons does not work but that is old news. The double and triple mode of the middle button worked fine, did try some apps to control that but none seemed to work ok.
    Main use is still with the mw600 bluetooth.
  3. mmu16
    Bought a pair from Amazon seller Nacodex. Received a full on FAKE piece of cr@p. Don't make the mistake I made! 
  4. thatBeatsguy
    Thanks for the heads-up. Sellers list is now updated.
  5. SymphonyX7
    You should've ordered from Penon Audio. Shipment may take some time if you're in North America, but at least everything they sell is legit.
  6. thatBeatsguy
    Check the OP for a growing list of legit sellers.
  7. SymphonyX7
    My Pistons 2 are legit, if you're implying that mine are fake since I'm not satisfied with them.
  8. thatBeatsguy
    No, I'm not implying they're fake; I'm saying that in reply to @mmu16, since PenonAudio isn't the only legit seller around here. I really don't see why you have to get worked up over that. I totally get why you aren't satisfied with them -- trust me, I know a lot of other Head-Fi'ers who have the same opinion. If you're not okay with them, that's perfectly fine. It's all good!
    rontant likes this.
  9. luberconn
    symphony, if you want to sell your pistons, let me know how much you'll sell for.  thanks! 
  10. koreanzombie
    IMO the pistons DESTROY the Phillips 3580 and I prefer them over the sony mh1c.
  11. dotpeek
    Just unboxed these things 30 minutes ago, tried them for the first time in work, and I'm pissed that I can't enjoy these things for a few hours. For 30 bucks off Amazon, these things are an absolutely insane pickup.
    The seller I bought from off of Amazon was "Robert's super store" I referenced http://docs.google.com/file/d/0B2UrPKfKwCmsUnFuRmlHMnFZaWs/ and it passed all criteria, and to be honest, you can just tell from the packaging and the quality of the product if you got screwed. The Pistons' holder you get them in the plastic container has a strong smell of chocolate, that also will be another thing fakes can slip up on.
    These things are awesome, and you should absolutely snatch them up if you even caught wind of thinking about it.
  12. Bakgrund
    My packaging didn't smell chocolate, only if I come extremely close with my nose, but nothing you can smell while unboxing, but I'm pretty confident I got the real ones.
  13. dotpeek
    The packaging isn't what smells like chocolate, it's that little pouch the headphones are wrapped on when you first unbox.
  14. Bakgrund
    Yeah, I'm talking about that, the rubber thingy that they come wrapped in.
  15. dotpeek
    Yep that's what had a distinct smell of chocolate. As long as everything else matches up I'm sure your fine haha.
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