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The Xiaomi Pistons Thread 2.0

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  1. willryan042

    I'm not arguing Android vs. iOS, I'm just saying that these (allegedly) sound great. If they had a functioning remote/mic/volume control for iOS then they'd be perfect. At this price point, yes, it is hard to find a suitable IEM with remote/mic/volume control that sounds good.
  2. DJScope

    Not arguing Android vs iOS, but Android is obviously better!

    Hahahaha jokes jokes!
  3. luberconn
    oh yah?  well i wish apple made an android device.  jk, i don't.   [​IMG]
    DJScope likes this.
  4. thatBeatsguy
    I guess I can't help but agree with you here. Most of the good 'phones I see with a 3-button remote for Apple devices are usually in the higher-ups (say, >$50), and are usually headphones.
  5. Drinkyoghurt
    Oh wow, a new thread for these awesome earphones. I cannot go anywhere without my pair of Pistons. I'm a pretty heavy user, listen to it at least 2 hours a day since I cycle a lot (flat country lol). I don't use any protective casing or the winder (cannot figure out how they should go back in). Just wind them up between my fingers and put them in my pants between my keys and whatnot. My pair have gone through a 3 hour washing cycle one or two months back but still perform 100%. I've snagged them so many times on my bike seat undoing my bike chain or on door handles and honestly didn't think they would survive. Yet they still look almost the same as when I bought them and still sound pretty good.
    Gonna buy two more pairs as a gift, others also love the sound. The sound does change a bit after burn in but doesn't make it any worse if anyone is worried. 
    On a sidenote, I also tried the Ivery IS-1 but they don't even come close to these.
  6. koreanzombie
    I have the 2.0 and 2.1's and they actually sound different because the tips on the 2.1's are thicker and much better than the 2.0's.
  7. nightdance
    Does anyone know a good place to grab the silver pistons 2.1 in Canada? Most sites listed apparently don't have the silver version, and it typically takes over 3 weeks to get here:frowning2:
  8. splandifers
    Great thread, really well organized. :)
  9. thatBeatsguy
    Apparently ibuygou.com has one.
    EDIT: I should probably add a few colums in the OP sellers list to allow for availability. It's not going to track stocks; just an overview if they sell that particular type of Piston. What do you guys think?
  10. nightdance
    Thanks a lot, just ordered one:) Hope it doesn't take too long to arrive!
  11. B9Scrambler
    Awesome new thread! I passed on the Pistons, probably because I'm nuts, but will definitely pick them up sometime in the near future.
  12. sujitsky
    Awesome new thread! Now all I need is for my Orange pistons to arrive soon!
  13. thatBeatsguy
    Nah, you're probably fine -- that VSD3 will serve you well. Probably even better than the Pistons. [​IMG]
  14. Bakgrund
    I just picked up my pair, 7 days from the day I pressed the buy button, really fast shipping (to Sweden) from Penonaudio. and oh, if you order from Penonaudio you get some extra tips included, so not only the ones included in the box. Nice touch.
    Couldn't be happier, they sound amazing, even better than my Klipsch s4 which I paid twice as much for. Media control buttons is a huge bonus, can't believe they included that at this price. They even come close to my ath-m50s. Only downside is that the cables are a bit thin, but luckily they are so cheap and I already ordered the silver ones too [​IMG] 
    Rosario likes this.
  15. B9Scrambler

    I'm sure it will as it has so far, but the Pistons would be a nice addition to my growing collection, lol.
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