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The Wizard Appreciation Thread - Long Live the Wizard - The former HA Appreciation Thread

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  1. visia
    What is the best way to send impressions from US? Express mail?
  2. Ikarios
    I sent mine via USPS Priority small flat rate, cost me $15 and arrived in about five business days, with delivery confirmation. I didn't have insurance, though, but since the impressions cost me $50 and I didn't care about speed, I was fine with it. Since Chinese New Year is coming up I would ping Dr. Moulton to see what he would recommend, in case he has a large backlog and won't finish by CNY.
  3. visia


    Cool, thanks! As far as I know you can't do tracking number for international priority, but it is possible to get delivery confirmation?
  4. visia
    Double post
  5. Poimandres


    If you send it out international priority they will give you a customs number that you can use to track the package.  It does take usps longer however I spoke with John late last night and he did receive my impressions.
  6. visia


    Did not realize that, thanks!
  7. tomscy2000
    So, is Keyser Soze the Stig's audio-obsessed cousin?
  8. kuanwenlo
    I am very interested in Heir 4A. Could someone tell me whether the pin connector of 4A is same as UE TF10. Because I have 2 custom cables for TF10. I wonder whether they can be used to 4A. If the pin is different , perhaps I will buy 1964-Q.
  9. Staal
    The pin is supposedly the same as UE/JH etc. TF10 is slightly different. (1964 probably won't match TF10 either, not sure though)
  10. project86 Contributor
    I've heard that TF10 cables can be somehow modified to fit in the custom IEM slots. Or maybe it is the other way around. Something about the pins being cut or filed down. Once it works in the custom, it would no longer work in the TF10. But I could be wrong.
    Heir uses the same sockets as UE/JH/Westone/1964/UM. They may not be 100% identical due to minor variations, or recessed versus flush, but in the end they are interchangeable. 
  11. Sinocelt

    The Etymōtic HF5 has been my go-to (or rather, go-with) IEM for the past two or three years. I really like its sound, very detailed, and with good timbre. But thin. Not jut the bass, also the mids. The A.4 has a much fuller sound; while even more detailed than the HF5, it also sounds more natural.

    I've had both the 3.A and the 4.A, the former with a wood faceplate and the second with a "blue" carbon fiber faceplate, and as much as I find both beautiful, I've got to say: You made the right choice. While the 3.A was better than anything I'd heard before (which isn't much, admitedly, compared to many Head-Fiers), the 4.A simply is on another level, to my ears.

  12. LammerOutsider
    Hi, I am about to buy my first Custom iem's, and I heard about this new Heir Label.
    I listen to wide spectrum of music, almost everything, from acoustic to electro & noise. 
    Do you think 3.A are for me? Are they better than 1964-T? I heard 1964-T has flat response, are 3.A more "musical" sounding? I like flat sound signature, i am not basshead, but i really dont know. 
    THanks for any ideas
  13. speedingredline
    While you are waiting for the responses of those here who have them, I would highly recommend you contact Dr. Moulton, aka Wizard and get his feedback as well, heiraudio@micro-dsp.com
    As I am sure you have read he is very responsive to inquires about his products. I was receiving emails him from only a few short hours ago, so that would be between 2am and 5am china time. 
  14. Poimandres


    X2, I have been exchanging emails with John a couple of hours ago as well.  It seems he never sleeps, of course I am sure that they are swamped with orders and they are working hard at completing all of them.
  15. speedingredline
    not fast enough!
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