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Share a photo of a setup that’s bringing you joy lately .

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For those of you interested in reading about the Penon Voltage, I have posted a review here

Thanks for reading, and Happy Weekend!!!
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Share a photo of a setup that’s bringing you joy lately .


Can't shoot those pretty pictures like many others here, but the HD 600 is still capturing my heart in a special way.
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There are quite a few brands now that make full-wood (or wood-resin) universals, but only few that can do so in custom. I'm fairly sure Noble were the first to ever do it, but we now also have JH, UM, QDC and Ambient Acoustics off the top of my head. I'm sure there are a few I'm missing. The reason this isn't common or cheap when it comes to customs is because of the process you mentioned: CNC. AFAIK, third-party services rarely accept CNC jobs this small in both quantity (since customs are made-to-order) and in literal physical size. So, you kinda have to have your own machines, like Noble and JH do, to get a smooth operation running.

That said, a local brand here in Indonesia, Avara Custom, have figured out how to do wood, wood-resin and forged carbon shells without a CNC:


I don't exactly know how they do it, and I'd say CNC'ed wood does look a smidge better IMO. But, if you wanna get 85-90% there at a fraction of the cost, brands should reach out to them and find out how.

EDIT: Oh, and the wood all these brands use are indeed real wood. They're just stabilized and dyed in different colors, or mixed half-and-half with resin, which is why they look stylized
Those are probably the coolest shells I've seen. Wow.
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Would be cool to see more IEM’s look like they are made from wood, like AP, or Promission X.

I think Noble uses the technique to make those, yet not with real wood (or maybe I just dont know them). Pick a razin block and cnc the shels out if it. Instead of rasin uv models

Wood + cast metal is such a good combo for a lot of things. Now lets see it in IEM’s 😄

I got one from Noble. They are gorgeous.


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Share a photo of a setup that’s bringing you joy lately .

In keeping with my recent review, Penon Voltage > EA Code 24c > P6Pro > Penon Totem > PB5
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The counter 'argument' to this is that, sound quality aside, I personally switched to IEMs and DAPs to get away from having to sit at a desk to listen to music, or worry about clean AC power, or mess with digital cables and DDCs. Yes, of course SQ will generally improve between DAP and desktop, but that's only if you're willing to give up on true portability/mobility (or willing to spend upwards of $6K on a transportable desktop-grade source like Mjolnir or DMP-1Z).

+1. I have no comment on the sonic advantages in using desktop-- or even portable amps...but for me they negate the primary advantage of IEMs, namely their convenience and portability.

In other news it looks like we'll hit 6k pages today or tomorrow.

I guess I'm fortunate, but I don't see this as an "either/or" kind of thing at all. And I actually *like* being at my desk when I'm working and/or when I'm not.

To me, the primary advantage of an IEM is that it sounds good with my music no matter if I'm at my desk, on the train, out for a walk, or half asleep in bed. Having more source options to reshape each of those experiences is a blessing I'm humbled to be able to enjoy.
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when using xenon 6 small ear tips, after 2 hours of continuous use, it keeps slipping out of my ear and the sub midsub range also loses. I have to constantly push it back into my ear. It's very confusing. The medium-sized ear tips are too big and uncomfortable. What would you do in this situation? I tried spinfit w1 and azla xelastec small, both slipped out after a few hours. I need ear tips that I can put in my ears and that I don't have to touch them for 7-8 hours and that they stay where I first pressed them into my ears. does such exist at all? if so can the types come.
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I have the Ulan 8-wire in hand. Further Alter Ego cable observations should commence soon.

At this point I’ve spent good time with AE and can reasonably say it is the best daily use professional/hifi in ear monitor I’ve ever heard. It’s technically proficient and tonally correct (for me).

(And for anyone interested, I think it makes a great pairing with the R8II).

For anyone who has gotten an Alter Ego set, can you name a better vocal monitor for under 3K?
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