1. Rockwell75

    The Watercooler -- Impressions, philosophical discussion and general banter. Index on first page. All welcome.

    Welcome to the Watercooler! This is a place where all are welcome. We are gathered here to share impressions, to participate in discussions, to cultivate love & enthusiasm for this hobby and to partake in the joy of fellowship and community. Thread expectations: While discussion will...
  2. Sennheiser

    Hi-Fi Friday

    Hello Head-Fi! We’ve started a new video short series to get us into the groove as the week winds down. “Hi-Fi Friday” sits at a more casual intersection of music and gear, and we hope it sparks some input from our friends at Head-Fi. While you may run across it on social media or YouTube, we...
  3. makethemusic

    Moedawg140 Needs Our Help!

    Everyone, One of our most loved community members, @moedawg140, has encountered a serious medical emergency during his travels in Bulgaria for the world wrestling cup, and is now hospitalized in Germany in the ICU. According to their GoFundMe page: "While attending a wrestling match in...