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  1. HungryPanda
    Great earbuds
  2. thejoker13
    I'm glad to hear that you're finding enjoyment with the T88k's. I was one of the fortunate ones whose ears fit perfectly and the tonality also worked out perfectly for me. I do find them to be tip dependant and enjoy that we're able to tweak the sound by changing tips. They really are a great sounding set of iem's.
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  3. thejoker13
    I'd like to point out another factor about the T88k's that I feel may influence people's opinions on them.
    I find that they respond to higher volume maybe better than any iem I own. By that I mean, that the details somewhat are behind the mix at lower volumes and really come out at higher volumes.
    Some iem's I own, almost get to treble heavy at high volumes and sound the best at moderate to low volume levels, while the T88k's stay perfectly balanced no matter how high a volume you listen to them at. I find that just the details present themselves more the louder you listen, but in no way does the treble take over the signature. They stay silky smooth, and perfectly balanced.
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  4. larry piencenaves
  5. baskingshark
  6. brideshead
    finally got a pair of Sony Triple Comfort tips for my Toneking T4s.

    it's upped the bass and added a nice little rumble. they sound perfect now. I can say, I am no longer on a search for good IEMs for music anymore. I'm done, these are perfect.

    only need to find asmr IEMs for sleeping now, m sorted for music.

    so if you have a pair of t4s, or another IEM which would do with a little bump in the low end- get some Triple Comforts. can't recommend them enough!
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  7. WuWei82
    I've just been introduced to the world of 'Chi-Fi' by @baskingshark , a world I never knew existed! I always assumed the lower end Chinese market only went as far as supplying ebay £$3 earphones. Which suits me fine as I've never been bothered about brand names, only the sound (and build quality of course).

    Reading both baskingshark's and crabdog's review's on the Nine Tails, plus a few other scattered comments is motivating me to pull the trigger on them. However I am intrigued by the LZ-A4's and I know @crabdog has thoroughly reviewed both of these iem's. I do wonder; how do they compare? Both being filterable, and both being quite highly regarded.

    I'm not sure if mentioning another iem within this thread breaks the rules, let me know if it does and I'll take it elsewhere!
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  8. crabdog
    Both share a similar sound signature which is a light v-shape with some added warmth. The Nine Tail has just a bit more sub-bass quantity but both share a smooth and somewhat soft bass. The A4 is a hair more forward in the core midrange which brings vocals out slightly more. The 9T has a little extra upper midrange plus better treble extension which gives it superior detail retrieval and increased clarity. The A4 is a little smoother and richer, the 9T has more dynamic range and definition.

    Both of them are still great and I would have a difficult time picking one over the other. Now there is also the Tin Hifi P1 and Shuoer Tape which are both technically superior but perhaps not as organic and natural-sounding. So many viable choices these days!
  9. WuWei82
    Like your review a very erudite and detailed comparison. You had me reaching for my wallet and the Nine tails until that last paragraph. I think I would actually prefer less choice!!
    In all seriousness I think I’ll give the Nt a go, coming from a v shaped, fairly dark sounding pair of cans (fidelio x2) they’ll probably fit the bill.
    Thanks for your response.
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  10. baskingshark
    The good thing about ninetails is that there are 9 filter configuration options, to give you anything from a neutralish profile to V shaped to near basshead levels. I'm a basshead and I never expected the ninetails to be a basshead set, but with both red bass filters on and decent amping, it is one level shy of jaw rattling bass IMHO.

    So it is like getting more than one IEM with the ninetails, you can customize it to suit your sonic preference or even to suit the mood or music genre.
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  11. WuWei82
    I've just ordered the Ninetails, got quite a good deal from an audio shop in London via ebay for £55. Opened box, tested but never used. I think they were the only pair for sale in the UK. Looking forward to testing them out next week.
  12. lgcubana
    It's been said many times, but it can't be over emphasized: with the rear and front tuning options, not only can you dial in your preferred sound signature for today, but you can mix and match the rear and front nozzles, for when you want to change it up.

    From what I've read, the rear nozzles are susceptible to falling out; my pair supports this issue, as the rear nozzles have next to no resistance, on both sides, when trying to tighten them; to remedy this, I've wrapped the rear nozzles in teflon tape. Now the errant rears have an increasing, tactile resistance, as they get closer to being fully secured. I have yet to need to re-tighten said nozzles, since the taping.
  13. WuWei82
    A very resourceful solution! Great idea! I shall definitely being doing this. Looks like the same tape I used to repair some copper pipes at my home.
    I think usually rubber washers or small pieces of rubber placed at the bottom of the threaded bore are incorporated for alloy on alloy screwed connections at manufacture.
  14. baskingshark
    55 pounds is a good deal for an unsued set. Enjoy and let us know your impressions!

    Acutally for the Ninetails, I'm wondering if anyone ever tested and graphed the differences between the front and rear filters for the same coloured filter.
    Like does the rear of front filter influence the sound more for the same coloured filter?
    I'm pretty sure silver (rear) + blue (front) is not equal to silver (front) + blue (rear) in sound, but I've no way to quantify it as I've no measuring rigs.
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2019
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  15. Slater
    You are correct - it is not the same.

    The rear filters basically controls the low end to a large extent, by restricting the size of the driver vent (ie the vent on the back of the driver). That is totally independent of the front filter, which manipulates the dimensions of and behavior of the front nozzle.

    So silver (rear) + blue (front) is not equal to silver (front) + blue (rear).
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