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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. TheGadaffiDuck
    I bought the L700 last night. Zero regrets, except my Credit Card and i arent on speaking terms.
  2. Ampeezy

    Nice, where did you get them from? Pricejapan?
  3. TheGadaffiDuck
    I also bought my L300s from this guy. The 3100 set had a faulty amp, but he kept in good communication with the warranty process. Great Guy... The payment is still pending on mine so it will be likely marked as sold soon
  4. organ_donor
    I now have a KGSSHV pairing with L700 and I find it too bright for some of the songs, EDM is fine though. But I read that KGSSHV is good to pair with SR009 which confused me abit. I thought SR009s is even brighter and have leaner mid. Please enlighten me :frowning2:
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  5. TheGadaffiDuck
    You gotta get the toobz. THE TOOBZ
  6. organ_donor
    Yes tubes amps will definitely give much more joy for bright cans. That is why I am curious when people like KGSSHV with 009. Someone offering a good price for 009 to me but I m afraid it sounds sterile with my KGSSHV.
  7. joseph69

    No one can tell you if it sounds "sterile" but you.
    There are different KGSSHV builds and they do differ in sound from what I understand after experiencing this issue with my Mjolnir KGSSHV (sold) 009 and receiving this information. I preferred the Mjolnir KGST (sold) with my 009. Nothing wrong with the Mjolnir KGSSHV it was just not a good match for my tasted with the 009. You may feel differently. I had to learn by buying/trying but now I know first hand which amp I preferred with the 009.
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  8. Ampeezy
    My carbon is definitely on the warmer side, but then again I use the sr-007. also, your source.
    Honestly the sic mosfets being close to triodes would be true in my case/build. very liquid sounding without sacrificing dynamics.
  9. Ampeezy

    What dac/source do you use?
  10. organ_donor
    I am using Mojo as source. I had good time with mojo + modded 007tii with 6S4A tubes + L700 unfortunately I sold the amp.
  11. TheGadaffiDuck
    Bummer. I got my Emotiva XDA-2 as my source, which has an src bybass that resamples 44.1 and 48 files to 96 sample rate. It does its job. Has a ton of features.
  12. Ampeezy

    ​Nice, like a kgst essentially? yeah the mojo should not be a problem, is your amp just the KGSSHV, or the carbon? unfortunate it is brighter than you prefer.
  13. organ_donor
    Yeah according to Spritzer the modification basically turns the 007tii into a Mini KGST. I have not heard a true KGST yet therefore I did not know how close are they. One thing I can confirm is L700 paired really well with my modded 007tii, basically no fatigue at all. Perhaps I should go for SR-007 but I can't find a decent deal locally.
    *Mine is KGSSHV not Carbon.
  14. Ampeezy

    ​More changes? my wallet is surely not ready for that lol
  15. Whitigir
    Carbon is different than Kgsshv
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