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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
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  1. frususx

    Appreciate your help.
  2. Whitigir
    Well, cables and wires to me is not "snake oil" as I make them myself :D, I have witnessed enough of it merit to appreciate it . :D

    Even my Carbon amp is all with OCC solidcore Silver wires inside :D.
  3. astrostar59

    I agree. Most folk say snake oil as it seems for some reason a red flag. But many have since experimented and realised the truth.
    It can be proved with science anyway, at the very basic level with capacitance, shielding and conductivity. Thus why not accept the current passing down said wire will be adversely affected?
    I agree with many though, prices can go insane. Unless drowning in cash, IMO best to go DIY.
    And we can add all capacitor sound the same, there is no such thing as burn in, mains power is mains power, digital is digital, it goes on......
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  4. TheGadaffiDuck

    Maybe ask the person that sold you these why they came like that to begin with.
  5. astrostar59
    I would bet the seller built a DIY amp and the 6th pin is not used. Seems barmy. I would slice off the mother, and fit a new Stax socket. It may be required to refit the cable in the HP end? Actually this is bad, how do you know the polarity, if you get the bias wrong it will ruin the HP and maybe the amp. I would try and return them pronto, do a PP charge back., my advice,. or what I would do.
  6. kevin gilmore
    flat cable has pin 1 marked, bias are pins 2 and 5
  7. Ampeezy

    noice. Hello there
  8. Ampeezy

    ​Decided to go with the spritzer mod today. Quite simple although I can see why getting the pads back on might be tricky for some. Thankfully I had no use for a taped knife to get them back on :)
    Took the springs out while I was at it, and the pads still rotate but a lot less freely now.
    The first thing i noticed when i put them on, without music, was a better seal. Like my head is now in a bit of a vacuum. Now we listen...
    EDIT: right off the bat midbass has been shelved down, lending to a more apparently open sound. Mids are clearer as the sound is not as thick as it was before. As for sub bass extension, I believe it is the same as before, and was already well extended, but with less midbass it sounds more in balance with the other frequencies. Overall the phones now sound more neutral, linear, and bit more detailed.
    Highs sound clearer and more extended as well. I can now say that the bass was definitely a weak point on the stock phones. They really slowed and muddied the sound.
    Very nice, you can now better appreciate that stax speed. Would recommend this mod 10/10 if you want better sound for nothing, I got the blu tak from a walmart near my house :)
    The stax fart isn't bad at all for the gains in sound, very curious as to why they went this way and nerfed such nice sounding phones.
  9. bmichels
    And... listening impressions ? :wink:
  10. Ampeezy
    Sorry lol, I'll update (EDIT) my post with impressions
    Suffice to say, these phones are even more of a pleasure to listen to :)
  11. Whitigir
    Now, this is Interconnect Cables !

    Pure Solid Silver and the connectors are $300 alone Roflmao....but this is the best there is. The shield is OFC ! Going all out for my Carbon! After all, it is very special :D , every wires are Pure solid silver as much as possible everywhere :D, so Interconnect have to be nice! Too!

  12. joseph69
    Very well said, and exactly my listening experience as well after doing both mods.
  13. soren_brix
  14. soren_brix
    based on what? 
  15. astrostar59

    Edit, if he wires it up wrong. (thought this was obvious).
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