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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. mulveling Contributor
    I listen with my girlfriend a lot, and having an amp with 2 Stax jacks and both a 009 and 009S is freaking awesome. Most ladies don't have the patience or inclination to sit and listen tethered like this, but we both enjoy it a lot. I also have a very high-end 2ch setup that we primarily listen to, but even still sometimes the Stax just hits the spot!

    Also my T2 has been out of commission for a bit, and also my hev90 balanced, so finally I dusted off my last remaining KGSShv - an older 500V IXYS implementation (on-board heat sinks), that was always my favorite of the KGSShv flavors despite not being as warm as the Sanyo builds. Wow, the KGSShv still rocks! I know it can't stand head to head with a T2, but now that it's been a while it sounds glorious in its own right. The 500V IXYS tonality is closer to what I deem "neutral", and not too far off the T2 in that respect. Its treble isn't subdued by any means, but it holds back that last bit of bite & energy that can make the Carbon too aggressive for a plain 009 (in some systems). Purk offered to loan me his Carbon, and I know it's better overall, but I think I'll be just fine getting reacquainted with this old friend.
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  2. zolkis
    Perhaps to avoid disturbing others at given sound levels?
    Perhaps the kids are sleeping?
    Or they are listening to music on the terrace late night watching the moon-bathing sea and don't want to disturb the seagulls?
    Or just find it more romantic how each one looks with headphones? :)
    I'm sure this can be meme-ified to infinity :D.
    (BTW I mostly listen to speakers. That space and body... the sound massaging - or beating the hell out of - all your cells... However, I love my headphones, too.).
  3. HiP1
    Hi everyone,
    I had a 404 with a SRM-006tA
    I sold the 404 a few months back, and kept the amp thinking i would get a pair of L300 or L500 to try.
    In the end, I'm not sure i'll try those anytime soon.
    what is your advice abour the amp ? Should I keep it just in case ? Should I sell it and buy another one when i decide to try the Stax sound again ? :)
    the SRM-006tA is only taking up some space in our house, and I get some pressure to get rid of it from a significant person here :D
  4. Amish
    I'd keep it. One less thing to worry about if and when you get yer hands on another Stax headphones. Just pack it up and place it in the closet or some such place.
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  5. tumpux
    I would sell it.
    It’s not that great.
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  6. HiP1
    Thank you both, for your advice. I might need a third opinion to break the tie :D
    if I did sell it, what kind of price would be fair ?
    I dont have the box anymore, it came with an extension cable, and a power converter for 220-230V in Europe.
  7. Amish
    I think it comes down to two things.

    1. Do you need the money?
    2. Do you plan to buy Stax headphones again?

    pretty easy decision I would think.
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  8. Jones Bob
    Sell it and build a DIY T2 to keep in the hall closet until you get the STAX bug again.:beyersmile:
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  9. HiP1
    I don't really need the money, but it would come in handy to try new headphones :)
    I plan to try Stax again when I get more experience in the Audio game. For now, I can't really tell if the amp is even any good.

    @Jones Bob
    that's an interesting idea, actually. maybe saving up for the cost of the materials over a long time, and when i finally have enough, that would mean I should try Stax again :)
    Thanks !
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  10. Amish
    I have my Stax SRM-T1 for sale right now. But I replaced it with a Mjolnir Audio Octave III. I won't ever sell this one though. Its fantastic. Now that I have dipped my toes into Electrostatic I am selling a lot of my amps and headphones. My Stax L700 mkii is end game for me.
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  11. HiP1
    looking at your gear list, I still have a long way to go before I reach that :)
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  12. Mach3
    @Jones Bob that advice will hurt the hip pocket. DIY T2 build command around 10K these day. OUCH!
    And to leave it in the closet is just down right wrong.
  13. Ojisan
    Maybe that's the point. By the time it comes out of closet, it might cost more to build. If that rate is better than the bank, why not? :)
  14. HiP1
    Thank you for your concern !
    Actually, the way I took it was that, as it is costly, I can gather the elements over a long time, and by the time I have them all ready to asssemble, I should be ready to try Stax again :)
  15. Amish
    There are mods for the SRM-006tA as well. Should find them on the web no problem. Just a thought.

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