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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. popof94
    Thanks, I have ordered one on Amazon to begin, but if I can rewired it I will be better for me. Thanks for your help, jm
  2. bearwarrior
    Does anyone know the instruction to change the Stax-009 pads? Pics will be even better. Thanks!
  3. SeaWo|f
    its not a hard task from a technical stand point, but it is a frustrating, fiddly pain in the ass. Not sure how to describe it.
  4. Trance_Gott
  5. natto lover
    seems expensive
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  6. paulchiu
    A new SR009S in the states goes for $4325 or 3,770 EUR at today's exchange rates
  7. Trance_Gott
    I'm from germany. Here in europe it cost 5250€. When you buy in the state for 3770€ you have to pay 21% custom fees. And problems with guarantee and so on.
    My sale thread is only for europe guys makes no sense to send it to the USA.

    So my price is a real bargain in europe!

    As info for our US guys the LCD4 cost in germany 4999€! What but it's true.
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  8. Mach3
    What Trance_Gott mention is true. The tax in Europe is crazy, I was on holiday in Europe last year and as a tourist you can get 20% off most stuff if you present your passport.
    Other country I've visited only has between 8-10%.
  9. Hubert481
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  10. padam
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  11. hanouk
    What causes channel imbalance other than dust ?

    I stored my Lambda Pro for one month (in a drawer, protected by the stax dust cover) as I didnt use it.
    10 days ago, I plugged them again for some listening, but was surprised to discover a major imbalance - right driver was very quiet at first (almost silent to be honest), but after 5-10 minutes of music, reached the volume of the left driver. I didnt have this issue before (I own them since may 2018).
    Tried to listen to them the following days, and this channel imbalance issue persisted, but every time the imbalance disappeared after a few minutes and they worked fine for hours and hours.

    That doesnt seem to be a serious issue, otherwise I wouldnt be able to have the right driver charge and get back to normal volume no ? I've read reports on head-fi of people managing to solve this imbalance issue by not plugging their earspeakers for some time, while other did the opposite.

    Also, as I now only own one pair of Stax, is there a way to confirm this imbalance issue is coming from the Lambda and not the amp ? (323S, bought in 2011). I owned 007 and Sigma Pro but sold them 2-3 months ago, both worked fine on the amp, but as did the Lambda Pro at that time.

    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
  12. Mach3
    You can try to swap the rca inputs to see if it actually the amp and not the earspeakers.
  13. bearFNF Contributor
    When you started listening was the amp warmed up or did you start listening from a cold amp? If the amp was cold to start with. Try unplugging the earspeakers. Then turn on the amp and let it warm up for 20 or 30 minutes. Then plug in the earspeakers to see if the imbalance is there. It may be that amp needs to wsrm up or the earspeakers need time to get going. I know my Lambda NB from the '80s need a few minutes to "charge up" when first plugged in. YMMV and all that.

  14. raband
    +1 for this

    I've got a 353x - the balanced inputs have no imbalance, RCA have a huge one that wanders.

    I'm going to try swapping RCA cables next - had never thought of the cables being the issue

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