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Stax SR-009 and SR-007 Mk1 earpad DIY mods

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by zolkis, Feb 12, 2015.
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  1. zolkis
    After the discussion has started on
    it seemed appropriate to start a separate thread on these reversible mods, in order to have things in one place.
    Copying here the post, and adding some pictures.
    For most people I would recommend the modded SR-009: it's easier to mod, with more consistent results, and has better comfort.
    For dedicated 007 Mk1 lovers, the road will be worth exploring despite the difficulties, and anyway you're already used with it :).
    See the follow-up post here:
    Arnaud makes a couple of important observations:

    Finally, images of the modded headphones:
    - added a clarification that replacement pads are only needed for the 007 mod.
    - note that Pad3 also applies to the Fostex TH900 with the exactly same dimensions (though the TH900 can accommodate slightly higher pads too)
    - 22.2.2015. Pad3 replaced for Pad4 or Pad2 for the 007. This makes the use of carbon foam unnecessary for the Stax mods.
  2. edstrelow Contributor
    Thanks for the pix. I also keep tropical fish and wonder about the carbon foam you use.  The carbon material I use in fish tanksdrops bits of carbon and I generally wash it before using it  in a tank.  I am not familiar with this exact foam however.  Does this stuff need to be washed?
  3. arnaud Contributor
    Subscribed, it's so refreshing to read someone tinkling with stat phones! I'd be very tempted to give it a try, need to get the courage to pry the 009 open :-O
  4. Music Alchemist
    Very nice. I will refer to this thread once I get electrostats!
  5. edstrelow Contributor
    As I understand it you have removed the stuffing material in the earpads and replaced the foam with carbonized foam and used a different foam ring. Why is it necessary to buy new earpads to do this? Their price is pretty steep. Can't you just use the existing one and replace the original stuffing if you don't like the sound of the modded ones?
  6. zolkis
    A brilliant question, you know your stuff :).
    In order to avoid misunderstandings, the carbon foam only applies to the 007 MK1, although it could be used with the 009 as well - but I preferred the 009 with its own foam + the felt ring replacing the 'urethan' ring.
    To answer the question: if you buy the carbon foam filter from the amazon link I included (which is meant for fish tanks), then yes, you need to wash it.
    If you buy carbon foam filter made e.g. for kitchen ventilation, then you don't need to wash, albeit you're free to do it.
  7. zolkis
    If you are modding the 009, then you don't need to buy replacement pads. I will edit the post to make this clear.
    The 009 mod is reversible, by glueing again the two parts together with the help of a double sided adhesive film.
  8. edstrelow Contributor
    Is the 007 mod reversible too or do you need the replacement pad?
  9. zolkis
    The 007 mod means getting a 009 pad, which is absolutely needed, and replace the original stuffing with Pad3, i.e. does not modify at all the original stuffing. And of course the original 007 Mk1 earpads do not need touching at all.
  10. arturo71
  11. zolkis
    Update: for the 007, Pad3 replaced for Pad4, or Pad2. That makes the use of carbon foam unnecessary for these mods. They made a good application for the Fostex TH900, though. I have updated the initial post.
  12. Jones Bob
    How does one remove the SR-009 earpads?
  13. zolkis
    See Note2 in the first post, now also here.
    1. Remove the inner dust grill through the ear pad opening (by gently bending it inwards and pulling out). This will leave the wire mesh visible, and the upper black metallic ring which is mounted with 6 screws. You will need to loosen the screws next.
    2. By pushing the ear cushions aside, use a precision Phillips screwdriver and open 4 turns on each of the 6 screws, going round and in diagonal like with car wheel change. Calm, soft, careful movements.
    3. Pull the internal black metallic ring outwards a bit, which will make space for getting the ear pads off, and by going around the edge with the finger, gently take off the pad.
    Assembly is in reverse order. 
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  14. Jones Bob
  15. Mobiustereo
    Hello gents. Please bear with me , I'm a 'newbie' to the whole Stax arena, having just acquired a pair of the SR-007's. Question - there is some sort of 'spacer'? baffle-screen type thing that is behind the earpad grille. Any idea what it's purpose is??
    Thanks to any & all who can clarify.
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