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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. miko64
    I know ... but I am travelling so much that this effectively replaces my home stereo. I hardly have time to listen to it, expect the days I am working in London...
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  2. staticdynamo
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  3. nazrin313
    knew it!!! but the name is wrong, Deathstar is the real name of this product
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  4. Lord Rexter
    Nice my wish came true, now I can convert my STAX SR-003mk2 into closed back and pair with STAX SRM-D10. Furthermore use it in the office :ksc75smile:
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  5. paulchiu
    Can anyone compare the old STAX SRM-007tII with the new
    STAX SRM-D50 using a quality external DAC and the old
    STAX SR-009?

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  6. Hubert481
    I compared D50 with T1 on L700 with external Dac Rme adi2pro for 1 week on several days.
    The T1 is much better - and the old T1 is the winner.
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  7. PointyFox
    What was better about it? Do you prefer tube amps?
  8. paulchiu
    Thanks, have you tried the STAX SRM-007tII?
  9. Hubert481
    I do not prefer tubes, but with the l700 nd t1, it is a perfect match for me - it sound more realistic, like live
  10. PointyFox
    What about the SRM-D50 sounds less realistic? I'm trying to narrow down what you mean by that since it could mean a lot of different things like transparency, frequency response, etc.
  11. purk Contributor
    The T1 & T1S and T1W are a better match to Lambdas design. May not work as good with the SR009 though.
  12. paulchiu
    Have you tried the D50 with the old Stax SR009? How does the combination sound? Worth it over the STAX SRM-007tII ?
  13. bmichels
    I just received (Shipped from AliExpres - China) a (supposed) matched set of EL34. I am testing them now (to determine how I built the 2 "matched" pairs) and will do 2 days of burning before I compare them to the Stock Mullard that were shipped with my BHSE.

    I will therefore report first listening impression in few days... (along with the listening result of my new CuriousCable USB cable)

    PSVANE Replica EL34.jpeg

    testing.jpeg PSVANE.jpeg
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  14. Whitigir
    Exciting! Need to know how they compare to XF2 for sure, these stuff are astronomical nowadays
  15. bmichels

    After 1h30 of warm-up, I have the following results for my 4 EL34 tubes. Is it good or not ? how should I match them to built the 2 pairs ?


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