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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. sonics
  2. JimL11
    If you're not joking, the answer is no. The SR-007 Mk2 mod is to block the port which Stax added to eliminate the Stax "fart." The port does that, but also adds a small bump in the mid bass and a roll-off below that point. Blocking the port flattens out the bass, making it similar to the Mk1 in that respect. The Mk1 and SR-009 are already sealed so do not need that mod. Don't have any experience with the @zolkis mods.

    While the port mod makes the Mk2 bass similar to the Mk1, the Mk2 upper frequencies decrease/eliminate the mild softness/darkness of the Mk1 to my ears.
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  3. SeaWo|f
    Unfortunately I've never gotten to hear the mki and mkii back to back so I won't comment on specific differences.

    On its own merit I will agree with the JimL11 the current mkii is not laid back up top. I would not call it forward either. I think they have got a nice balance with the current tuning.

    I can also say that I think there will be those out there who prefer the current mkii without the port mod.
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  4. staticdynamo
    New item from STAX.

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  5. Magol79
    Have they announced something?
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  6. alota
    a subwoofer?
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  7. nazrin313
    new iem from STAX!!!....called Deathstar Im guessing
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  8. raband
    You've jumped in with comments from no where on the amps and warranty and hope for upcoming products.

    Either Stax have really bad marketing, you have no idea or you work there, have inside knowledge and a really loose tongue.

    Am tipping you got a hint of something, think you think something "important" is about to come out soon and need to give hints.

    Given you've shown pic of cans then maybe a dynamic headphone?
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  9. staticdynamo
    I know you don't read my past posts at all. I wrote about this product previously.
    And they will be released in this year. No hints. You imagine dynamic headphones?
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  10. alota
    darth vader included?:)
  11. GRod Contributor
    I'm also interested in acquiring one of your T2 builds. Tried unsuccessfully to PM you . Pease contact me.
    Thank you,
  12. miko64
    ED178F35-6617-4CA2-8BA3-AAF3B17F961B.jpeg ED178F35-6617-4CA2-8BA3-AAF3B17F961B.jpeg Travel gear

    I had to travel from London to HK today and wanted to convince you that SR007 together with d10 is ideal for travellers. Could not sleep hence this teaser.
    In the past I used to travel w LCD-X or 4 together with Hugo 2. This was good but too heavy. SR007 is at least as musical with D10 as the above combo and (interestingly) more stable.
    From a sound pespective next to nothing. Yes I know SR009S is slighly better, but at the same time less stable, hence for me less suited than sr7. My other current companion is Andromeda - really worth a try. I still have my obravo eamt-1c, which again is slightly better for a roughly quadruple price.
    As evidence my today’s travel gear
  13. nazrin313
    Damn son, when Im travelling it will only be the SXC550 and the DX200 with whatever iem I feel like bringing. This is on another level lol.
  14. GRod Contributor
    I'm interested in acquiring one of your T2 builds. I tried unsuccessfully to PM you.
    Please contact me with all of the relevant information.
    Thank you.
  15. HoloSpice
    Wait.. What!? New flagship SR-011!!!???

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