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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. Magol79
    Sure it can drive the SR-009 to moderate levels, but it will not show what the SR-009 really are capable of. I have owned both the SRM-007tII and a KGSSHV at the same time. In comparison the 007tII starts showing its weaknesses from moderate levels up to high levels. Bass is a bit wooly and mids and treble start sounding a bit sharp/edgy. I think Tyll described this very well in his review of the SRM-007tII:

    "The problem with this amp is all that goodness goes out the window when turned up to stronger listening levels. The bass doesn't seem to get louder, just woollier, and the mids start to get shouty. But the worst thing is that the somewhat innocuous treble sparkle quickly grew through glare and on into what sounds like significant distortion to me."​

    The KGSSHV is a much nicer amp to listen to IME. I ended up selling my SRM-007tII.
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  2. astrostar59
    I would recommend you stay on DIY amps and look for a used KGSShv or KGST but not a Carbon as that IMO is too bright on the 009.
    The Stax amps to my ears do not drive the 009 to it's required level. It isn't just about power, it is about the sound quality you can expect as well. I have had various Stax amps and non of them convinced me. The new T-8000 isn't so hot either, in fact overpriced I would suggest.
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  3. Whitigir
    KG-T2 :), the holy grail ! The end game ! The real deal, and is the only thing that stop you from looking and asking for another amp/advice, unless you desire further from your other components
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  4. JimL11
    LOL! Please tell me where I can find a T2 for $1500, which was the poster's budget.
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  5. Whitigir
    Aliexpress :D

    Joking, my bad, but I didn’t saw his post on the pricing limit :wink:
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  6. astrostar59
    Whitigir, I would pitch the Malvalve tube amp v the T2. Granted I haven't heard the T2 but I am very familiar with the BHSE and the Malvalve was street ahead of that amp. I is tubes right through, and tube regulated, so maybe the secret sauce? It has 22 tubes and gets HOT and costs 14k euros. But the sound, was marvellous, made the 009 sound so real.
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  7. Whitigir
    Nobody would believe me when I said KG-T2 is not only Streets ahead of Carbon or GG which is the equivalent of BHSE.....the KG-T2 is on another planet in level of comparison. It is in a class of it own

    It is so much better that if you can’t hear the differences within 3 seconds, a person should just quit this hobby before he sink money into it

    **some people even claim that KG-T2 should only has different signature and very little differences to BHSE**. Whenever I hear such statements, there are only 2 possibilities (a person is probably have wood for ears, or never heard/audited the KG T2)

    Did I ever mentioned that KG T2 is like a combination of Carbon + GG + somemore ? It is “perfection”, if perfection was to exist in this universe, but unfortunately there is no “perfection”. However, KG T2 would be the thing that is very very very close to “perfection” for Stax ES
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  8. Jones Bob
    DIY KG T2.... meh. So common these days.....

    Give me a Kevin Gilmore Circlotron. That is not just MOAR power, that is Insane Mode power for STAX earspeakers.:L3000:
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  9. Axel
    Thanks fellas! That’s unfortunate as I got a great price offer on a demo SRM-007tII.
    I see the KGSShv and KGST are above my budget (at least those sold from Mjölnir)...
    What is the consensus about the Octave 2 is it good enough? Better than the SRM-007tII?
  10. SeaWo|f
    There are what like 4 or 5 of those as of now and at least 2 work?!

    That's far to common, need to go tube output circlotron! Plus tuby goodness never hurts! You would be the first on the block with it!
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  11. Magol79
    I've been interested in the Octave 2 myself. This is what Spritzer had to say when I asked him about it:
    "The Octave was designed to be along similar lines as the Stax amps in terms of performance and it will compare nicely against a stock 007t. It has just a tad less power but it can far better utilize the power so in the end it will come out on top. It does work really well with the Lambdas as that's the phones I was shooting for with that design."

    But since I got a SR-007 MKII recently I am now looking for a used Carbon instead.
  12. JimL11
    The Octave 2 is probably as good as you can get if you are only considering new amps, but you if you are willing to consider used amps you can do better, because once the shine comes off the price goes down. After all, after you start using a new amp it becomes used, so why not save some money by starting with a used amp. And of course, if you are willing to DIY, the price comes down even more, although your "sweat equity" makes up the difference in price.

    If you're not ready to go all the way with DIY, something like a used SRM-T1 with capacitor replacement, added bias supply and output safety resistors, and constant current load mod is relatively straightforward to do and costs $100 in parts over the cost of the unmodified amp. So modified, a T1 has as much current drive (5 mA per output device) as a KGSSHV with onboard heatsinks, albeit with 2 dB lower voltage limits, and more effective power than an SRM-007 because the output tube's signal current isn't wasted as heat in output plate resistors. Further, it has some of the tube tonality that helps soften the inherent brightness/"sharpness" that a number of people find in the SR-009. If you are not willing to DIY, any competent technician should be able to do the mod with a few hours work, which should still put you under your price limit.

    Another nice thing about the T1 series is that it has built in provision to be changed to any AC voltage via internal jumpers on the circuit board.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  13. tigon_ridge
    Jim, where is your article detailing the replacement of the output plate resistors with constant current load for the SRM-t1? Can't find it.
  14. JimL11
    It was published in AudioXpress July 2017. One thing that was omitted from that article was the addition of 5 megohm resistors to the bias supplies after the last capacitor. This can be done by interposing the resistor between the circuit board and the wire going to the output sockets - there are two wires coming from the center mid-rear of the board, one for normal bias and one for pro bias. Mouser sells 1.6 kV resistors of 4.7Meg and 5.1 Meg, 1/4 watt. Either one will do.
  15. tigon_ridge
    So, total actual cost for the mod = $100 for parts + subscription fee. :D

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