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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. Jones Bob
    If I’m not mistaken, didn’t you purchase a quad of 1950s vintage NOS Philips metal base EL34s a while back? Wondering if you still have them and what’s your opinion of them after using them for an extended period. Thx!
  2. bmichels
    As a matter of fact I retourned the Philips Métal base to the vendor. I was not happy with the sound, bass were inflatedn and not natural. May be the tubes were defective ??
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  3. Jones Bob
    Thanks for the answer!
  4. Magol79
    So, I regularly trawl ebay for anything stax related. A while ago I found this item: "Pawel Acoustic hp-3 Pro Monitor Headphone processor / amplifier for Stax". Does anyone know more about it? I'm just curious because I've never heard of it before.
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  5. Jones Bob
    A link might help.
  6. JimL11
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  7. Eich1eeF
    The related products from Pawel Acoustic have been discussed around here before, try googling for "site:https://www.head-fi.org/threads pawel hp1". Pawel still build a later model without the STAX amp: http://www.pawel-acoustics.ch/products.html They don't provide anything but a picture for the device for sale on ebay http://www.pawel-acoustics.ch/discontinued_products.html

    More modern products that claim to achieve similar things would be the Smyth A8 or A16, Creative Super-XFI or OOYH. Minus the STAX amp, of course. The A8 used to be sold bundled with a STAX SRS-2170.
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  8. bmichels
    After 20 hours of warm-up of the EL34, the values have evolved a bit. I will apair 1 with 3 and 2 with 4 to built the 2 pairs.

    Capture d’écran 2018-12-01 à 11.59.44.png

    This evening I will stop the testing and insert the new tubes into the BHSE...
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  9. Hubert481
    You should buy 2 additional tubes
  10. bmichels
    New PSVANE installed now. Very first listening impressions are good: quite dynamic new life for my BHSE.

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  11. Whitigir
    And how about XF2 Quad :wink: ? Have you tried it yet
  12. bmichels
    No. Sorry...
  13. phaeton70
    well, as usual YMMV and I respect your opinion, but I do find a perfectly reconditioned (all electrolytics changed by Stax Japan) T1W with Clear Top tubes to work incrediby well with my 009. if I compare to my GG (SED =C= EL34 or JJ 6CA7) the only thngs missing are a wider soundstage (much better the GG one), a bit of extension and "air" in the highs (GG is more "open" and extended), and a general less "linearity" (the T1W is more "romantic" and relaxed while GG is more "hifi" and dynamic). but I must be honest, I could have lived with full pleasure and no regrets with the T1W if I was in a budget constraint.

    of course, the above depends on my taste (I do prefer a very neutral sound with just a touch of warmth, very dynamic and transparent), the music I like to listen to (mainly acoustic jazz, trip hop and some prog) and the volume I like to listen to (low to mid level, never to high volume)
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  14. martyn73
    I'm at my wits end with the SR-007A; despite my ears being quite small my left ear touches the driver and the headphone are too uncomfortable for regular use. Does anyone know of a method to make the earpads deeper so that my left ear doesn't touch the inner part of the SR-007A? The replacement ear pads seem to be made for both the SR-007II and SR-007A.
  15. Axel
    I know this topic has been raised over and over again, sorry.
    If I want to drive an SR-009 (not 'S') properly (moderate levels), will the SRM-007tII be adequate? If not, which (non-DIY) headamp will drive it properly for a ~$1500 budget?

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