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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. AudioThief
    Is the T2 / DIY T2 something that "anyone" could get their hands on? I thought the T2 was exceedingly rare and that you would need the know how yourself to get a DIY T2. Also interesting to hear that people consider it significantly better than carbon / BHSE.
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  2. Rhamnetin
    Definitely not. Very few Stax SRM-T2's were ever made, and it's such a complicated amp that few Stax fans DIY them and when they do, they sell for over $10k!

    Also I am now officially back in the Stax club.


    Don't get too excited though, that's just the regular SR-009 which we all know already.
  3. joseph69
    Can someone point me to the link where the T2 is for sale, please?
    I've done a search, but can't seem to find it.
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  4. Rhamnetin

    I wonder what would win (to my ears at least), that vs a KGSSHV Carbon with DHT Emission Labs 20B-V4 circlotron output.
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  5. joseph69
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  6. plinth
    Thanks, you are right it was. I had been trying to remember but I just kept thinking Preparation H. That is why.
  7. plinth
    Thanks for your insight. It was over £5000 and if you say that they did not sink loads into R&D it does seem to be preying on the gullible. I have not read any reviews on it, does the industry press like it? One thing that they seem to have done is rolled off the high frequencies quite dramatically. It was as if they 'voiced' it for the 009 as it certainly took the edge off, but it also killed a lot of what made the 009 special, its shimmering lightness seemed to have been smothered. It was terrible by any measure with the 007. I honestly cannot think of any aspect that it did better than the SRM-007 energiser. And I did not see much use for a remote for a device that I am physically connected with a headphone cable.
  8. plinth
    If you are having regrets then I would not hold you to the sale. If you are thinking of getting the T2 then I will be looking for an invitation.
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  9. Pahani
    I salute your sense of honor, Sir!
  10. aldavey
    You're a gentleman and looking forward to delivering the Carbon to you in person. Having agreed the sale I unplugged the amp from my system and returned to my HD 800's - absolutely no comparison. I can't seem to sell my 009's even at £1500.00 so if I don't get any offers in the foreseeable future I will contact Kerry in NYC and see if he's willing to build a T2 for me. IMHO his iteration is extremely beautiful to behold, but it will probably be a year in the making.
  11. SeaWo|f
    My understanding is that Kerrys t2 is not just different in looks but is also updated vs the original design. I had heard that he updated it to current parts. Given the complexity of the amp I would not count on any ones willingness to take it on; especially since its filled with loads of obsolete parts. I would jump on a built one if i was in the market.
  12. Whitigir
    Kerry T2 is with newer parts, and he would take it on all day long
  13. aldavey
    I was in touch with him last year after he had just completed his own T2, there were beautiful photos of it at the 'other' place. He is a charming person with which to deal and I'm sure I will be fine with him. I might just have to be patient which is fine.
  14. Whitigir
    Well, he is your best shot at the newer T2 which has current parts for if anything go wrong. If you want the original T2, then Contact @georgep . Either way, the wait will be very painful, and the price is about or higher than that T2 listed for sale. I would recommend grabbing it.
  15. JimL11
    LMAO :ksc75smile:

    Well, according to the HiFI+ CanJam 2017 report, "Trilogy Audio always wanted to make an amplifier for the Stax electrostatic, but realised most designs simply use variations on the same circuit as Stax itself. After experimenting with such designs, Nic from Trilogy went fully Tabula Rasa and started with a completely clean sheet..." and "In listening tests, both AS and CM felt this is a paradigm shift in performance for the Stax SR-009."

    As I said, given the description and tube complement, there is only one circuit topology that fits. Just amazing (NOT) that with a "completely clean sheet" they come up with a 30+ year old circuit design. I suppose it's possible they could have re-invented the budget wheel, but I would think that they would at least do a quick Google search. Does say something about the technical ignorance or gullibility of some of the audio press, though. BTW, astrostar59 did like it a bit more than you based on listening at CanJam London - see his comments in this thread from July 16, 2017 (see p.827).
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