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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. SeaWo|f
    I was mentioned in this thread back around the end of 2016 beginning of 2017 too.

    No details offered other than it was to compete with current(msb) and upcoming flagships(woo).
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  2. Rhamnetin
    Compete with those? Seems modest!
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  3. mulveling Contributor
    I have no doubt, people who can spend Shang-ri-la, MSB, or top-Woo level of cash on a headphone amp will get a MUCH better engineered and much better built piece by going with whatever Headmp is cooking. The only drawback is they will probably have to be patient for a while.
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  4. JimL11
    I agree, and it will be significantly better value for money as well.
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  5. buzzlulu
    Silly question - does anyone have the dimensions of Birgir's stock Carbon (not the CC)?
    Silly question #2 - how hot do they run - can they be situated on a plastic table? left on all day?

    and while I am on a roll with silly questions - one of the advantages of solid state is no warmup like with Tubes - YET - I have seen people comment that the Carbon takes 30 minutes to come on song
  6. Drewligarchy
    I have Birgir’s stock Carbon. I don’t have the measurements handy - but I asked him the same question as I had to fit it in a tight space. I can take measurements for you when I get home, but it is a real workable size. I’m sure he’ll tell you if you e-mail him - he is absolutely great about that.

    In terms of warmup, I used to let it warmup before use - and then I didn’t - because it sounds just as good at initial turn on then it does after 30 min. It may improve but I can’t detect it.

    It runs pretty hot. It’s supposed to and it’s been rock solid since I bought it a couple years ago. It would probably be fine - but I personally wouldn’t run it on a plastic table. If you want to - maybe get some bigger footers for it.
  7. Drewligarchy
    For those that have tried the 009S - is there an increase in the low mids (500hz ish)

    Listening to my 009 yesterday i think what’s causing the fatigue is not necessarily the upper miss alone but their balance with the low mids. I’d be curious as how these compare.

    What would be amazing is if someone (even rough ) could give an idea of the changes in frequency response between 009 and 009s. This way we could eq our 009 to the 009s and get a sort of “demo” as I would think the technical capabilities are similar.
  8. mulveling Contributor
    All of the Stax "tube" amps are hybrids, so I doubt you'll find much meaning in trying to correlate warm-up times to the presence of tubes. In fact the BHSE is reputed to have the longest warm-up time, DIY T2 the shortest, and Carbon in the middle.
  9. buzzlulu
    When I refer to warmup time for tubes I guess I am associating it with pure tubes like the BHSE
  10. JimL11
    Not really. Although solid state turns on immediately, it takes a while for the transistors to warm up their heat-sinks and reach steady state. If you disable the servo, you can measure the output voltages drift for up to 20-30 minutes until they reach equilibrium. This is easy to observe with the HeadAmp BHSE which does not have a servo - it is the reason that you are advised to adjust the output voltages after a couple hours.
  11. JimL11
    No, as @mulveling says, the BHSE is NOT pure tube, it has solid state input and intermediate stages, and solid state constant current output loads, as well as solid state regulated power supply. The T2 DIY has both tube input and output stages, but a whole bunch of solid state components in between, and also has solid state constant current output loads and a solid state regulated power supply.

    Tubes take 20-30 seconds for the filaments to warm up, but once the filament heats up the cathode, a tube's capacitance and transconductance (the ability of an input voltage to modulate the output current) are relatively independent of temperature. This is not the case for transistors, where the parameters will change with temperature.
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  12. plinth
  13. buzzlulu
    Thanks for the replies. Jim - a nice explanation as to what happens to the transistors during turn on and warm up.
    I also like the reply from Plinth about "glorious from the moment I turned it on".

    Interesting times in my house. I am comparing the new 009S vs. my Utopias.
    The Stax is "handicapped" by running out of a 353XBK
    Same source for both as they are both plugged into my two channel system.

    Its the "handicap" which is making the comparison difficult.
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  14. SeaWo|f
    Not sure what you mean by difficult. But if you mean you are liking the utopia more, I think brain burn in is a factor. Maybe wait on judgment for a few weeks.

    A carbon or totl amp will improve pretty much all aspects of the 009s. Now will that be enough to unseat your current setup? That's totally subjective and unfortunately you will only know if you get try them.

    Now if there is some inherent character of the headphone that you don't like no amp is going to change that(checking over my shoulder for @Whitigir and his T2 lurking)..
  15. buzzlulu

    The difficult part is that the 009S is handicapped by not being driven by a "proper" amplifier which will allow it to show what it is capable of.
    The impressive thing is how well it is doing even with this handicap. It is doing certain things better than what the Utopia can do.

    I need to try and "imagine" what a Carbon will bring to the sound. Weightiness is probably what is needed (the first thing which comes to my mind).

    I need someone to loan me a Carbon :)
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