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The Stax Thread III

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by currawong, Aug 20, 2013.
  1. mulveling Contributor
    Absolutely agree that 009S is by far the best bet and most effective play given your gear. Carbon matches better with 009S than 009. I find there are sweeter sounding DACs out there than Yggy, but moving to the 009S will definitely allow for a much wider range of DAC pairings without hitting the fatigue zone.

    Cables can nudge things a bit one way or another, but it's very minor. DAC rolling is next. But 009 to 009S is much more significantly audible than both of those combined.
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  2. SeaWo|f
    When talking about R2R pairings don't forget about the audio gd master 7.
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  3. Drewligarchy
    I appreciate everyone's advice. I did demo an Aqua La Scala MkII in my system (though for only about 30 min), and I found the M1 more resolving and more enjoyable (except for the fatigue). This was the PC1704 vs. the Optologic - and maybe tubes hadn't warmed up.

    I agree that the 009s are probably the best bet - just wish I could demo in my system. Probably will be able to eventually - they are just too new.
  4. mulveling Contributor
    I wouldn't get too hung up on the R2R vs. D-S DAC debate either. It's overrated. Either can make a nice sounding DAC.
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  5. Drewligarchy
  6. Ali-Pacha
    Woah. So much noise. Did we talk about diminishing returns in audio, and how HD600 + Magni3 combo is already kinda madness boundary to most people out there ? :D
    (I own both. As well as BHSE and way to much Staxens :grin:)

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  7. padam
    So what happens after the HeadAmp DHT Stax amp's release? Is it just going to be BHSE and T2 in the classifieds? :wink:
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  8. Contrails
    But the same people would still pay $350 for some beats. Now that's madness.
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  9. Rhamnetin
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  10. SeaWo|f
    If this more or less confirmed rumor is true, with regard to tube choice I will be disappointed. Ignoring cost, these are highly specific tubes built from one very small manufacturer. Good luck finding replacement tubes if they go under in 5-10 years. Assuming the requirements from this still speculative amp are the same as other stats amps that use tubes in the output stage reconfiguring to strapped el34 should be possible but it is not as simple as slapping adapters in.. voltages and current requirements are different. They are a novelty and I think there is a reason why you see very very few diy dht grounded grids and other than one guy no dht BHSE or T2s.
  11. padam
    It is safe to say that those tubes will be stockpiled in relative to the number of amps built, so while there be many reasons why not to choose it, this is probably not one of them.
  12. SeaWo|f
    If the implication is headamp, other manufacturers or emission labs will be willing or able stock pile a significant number of these tubes I strongly disagree. I would look at the case of the winged c tube which was discontinued not too many years ago. The amount of amps of varying types that use the el34 is staggering especially if you include guitar amps. These while are not exactly hard to find the cost has risen significantly. Given the relative cost and applications I don't think it would be out of line to speculate that relatively, a very tiny fraction of 20b have been and will be produced by emission labs vs what sed made with the winged c.

    I don't know if the quality issues have been sorted out but recent impressions with build have been much more positive than the past. On the sound front there just isn't enough out there, but I would say the impressions that do exist aren't any better than the TOTL NOS or new production el34 in the same application.

    I just feel like this is doing something to be different rather than because its better. Which for an individual diyer is fine, but when this could be sold in reasonably large numbers by headamp if things go sideways with the tubes I would not want to be stuck retrofitting the amps. Honestly at their size if they produced a lot of these and emission labs went under the cost of reconfiguring the amps would likely sink headamp.
  13. Rhamnetin
    Wait wait wait, is headamp supposedly making a KGSSHV Carbon with a DHT Circlotron Emission Labs 20B-V4 output?
  14. SeaWo|f

    This is an all tube all headamp original design.
  15. Rhamnetin
    Ok cool. I actually heard about this in 2016 I think from a HeadAmp sales rep.

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