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The Opamp thread

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  1. CoiL
    It all (result) depends on lot of things - implementation, design of PCB, DAC chip pairing, HW components etc.

    But if You want different tastes to try and if suitable with your source HW, then I recommend to try out OPA2228 and OPA1692.
    I`m freaking happy with my Aune T1 end result with those 2 chips pairing result.

    Personally never got into MUSES chips as to me (on friends PC soundcard) did not impress enough to justify cost.

    Aaaannd why?
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  2. docentore
    Good rec on the LME but @redrol already has LM4562 which is same to 49720
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  3. pelopidas
    I suppose I should have not been so lazy in my typing and clarified that he should try LME49720HA, the one in the metal can. It tends to have a better presentation as far as I recall. I know that LM4562 LME49720 and LME49860 are supposed to be technically the same but as far as I am concerned LM4562 < LME49720HA < LME49860 with the 49860 noticeably better. Another step up would be dual 49710's. Those actually are nice and with great detail IIRC.
  4. carlmart
    Pity the LM48710 shows as obsolete at Mouser.
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2020
  5. Baten
    The metal cans are generally fake though. Almost all pre-soldered on dip HA ones on ebay are.

    This guy sells the real thing:
    but you'd have to solder the gold ones onto a dip switch yourself.
  6. raoultrifan
    Inside my Matrix HPA-3B with LME49860 the background noise was the highest, while with LME49720 or LM4562 was much lower. Tested while only swapping one opamp from one channel, so very easy to test the hiss with the headphones on the head, max. gain and max. volume with no input connected.
    Like usually, YMMV, but for me background noise should be the lowest possible.

    BTW, the best measuring opamps (THD, noise, IMD etc.) are the newest OPA1612 and OPA1654, so really worth trying.

    L.E.: OPA1656 is what I actually meant to write.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
  7. Baten
    OPA1656 even better than OPA1654?
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  8. carlmart
  9. Baten
    All results are from the same seller for me, it's a search on the seller store. Should be correct :)

    you see the gold-plated metal cans?
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  10. raoultrifan
    OPA1656 is what I actually meant to say, thank you for noticing this! It's used in Geshelli Archel 2.5 PRO and it's incredible low noise and low THD.
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  11. Baten
    They're great to put in Burson amps too. Currently rocking those 1656 in IV/LPF :) there's 1656 available on ebay pre-soldered and I verified it to be not fake. It's cheaper to solder yourself of course.
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2020
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  12. carlmart
    No, I do not see any metal cans.

    Can you tell me the name of the seller? Then I may find him.
  13. Baten
    Weird! It's
  14. pelopidas
    True but they are not that expensive from Mauser or Digi and soldering them yourself is easier than regular chips. I loved the 49713HA which were current feedback but when properly implemented were very very good. The LME49990 were also very nice chips, significantly better than the 49720 family. Of course they are discontinued as well...
  15. Audio Addict Contributor
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