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The Official Sennheiser IE800S thread!

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  1. sanakimpro
    IE800s vs IE800: Is it all just because of balanced vs unbalanced setup?

    This. Thanks a million :) To be honest, I am now thinking that when reviewers are going on and on about the IE800s having tighter, leaner bass, smoother highs etc and a more neutral/natural sound, it could mostly be attributed to them testing the IE800s on balanced mode vs IE800 on unbalanced mode. Most of them do not state which cable they are using it with so we can't tell. This more open soundstage, tighter faster bass etc is a typical symptom of balanced setup.

    So, today I went to the Sennheiser store again and they sales manager stressed again and again that there is little difference between the IE800 vs IE800 sound, particularly on unbalanced mode. He kept stressing it was the same driver and kept showing me the frequency response range bla bla bla. He said that he has tried both many times and on balanced, the IE800s does open up and has a more 'linear' sound profile but if you plan to run it on Spotify/Tidal/FLAC on unbalanced, the IE800 is the 80/20 best answer.

    To me, this made sense because I plan to run it on my mobile most of the time and Mojo on the weekends or when I have some rare free time. So, the balanced mode is literally valued at $0 for me. Also, it made sense that if Sennheiser used the same XWB driver on both models, the driver's technical spec and characteristics are going to be the same. This could be why many reviewers also do not call IE800s an upgrade/side-grade but a different take on the XWB driver design.

    So he said keep the spare cash, get the IE800 and be happy with it on 11.11 Singles Day.

    So I spent an hour demoing across various kpop bands TWICE, Gfriend, Blackpink, Daft Punk Random Access Memories, Skrillex Recess, Lana Del Rey Born to Die, etc and really loved the open-back headphone sound. It reminded me in so many ways of the HD600/800 series but of course with a bass boost and a much smaller soundstage which is a given. Nevertheless, a huge step up from ordinary IEMs and even the Momentum True Wireless. Also, it complements my AK T8ie MK II which is a more 'fun, intense, impactful' IEM whereas the IE800 is more 'intimate' with a much wider soundstage and much more treble revival detail (this point is super obvious. The T8 has very smooth treble rolloff). Overall, I loved the IE800 sound signature and can see it being a very good companion to my T8. But I know that on days that I want Charli XCX, EDM or Skrillex, I will grab the T8 over the IE800 and vice versa for female vocal dominant tracks like Lana Del Rey Born to Die, Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman album etc.

    Oh, btw Happy Singles Day! Thanks Axel Grell!! (Just learnt he has left Sennheiser! WHAT?!)
  2. Partlys4int
    That case sure is a frustrating thing, but the leather is nice!

    After playing with it for a while, I think the 'designers' had one thing in mind only for this case: protection of the buds themselves, not the cable. The only way the case is usable without dangerously bending the cable connection point, is to wrap the cable around the case's middle binding once and then resume wrapping it around the foam compartment.
    Odd but better than nothing. At least the buds get adequate protection.
  3. Partlys4int
    Tbh, if I hadn't purchased the optional oval tips, I'd probably have returned the IE800S. The oval tips fit me so much better than any of the included ones.
    But it takes a bit of adapting to the undeep fit compared to my Klipsch X10 (which sit very deep). I sometimes think I don't have a good seal but then I have.
  4. Philo
    Hi Guys!

    I'm at least on the way to buy an IE 800. I was able now just to find a pair of a [​IMG] used one. Could they be original?

    Product ID : L9C8SK679B
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  5. Hanesu
    I have the IE800 and have compared them extensively to the IE800s, both in unbalanced. To my ears they DO sound slightly different! IE800 sounds more peaky! But I found that I can let my IE800 sound almost identical to the IE800s by using my ES100 EQ, only by raising the mids a bit! Treble will automatically sound less silibant because it gets balanced out more.

    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  6. Partlys4int
    I somehow cannot see the image.
    I would imagine that the first thing a counterfeit IE800S would stand out with, is the leather of the case. It's hard to copy a specific leather grain and tanning process...

    I personally would never buy used IEM's. A lot of people handle them really roughly. And some would wear them while practicing sports, also a hygienic consideration.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  7. Philo
    sennheiser-ie800-audiophile-fulhallgato-6e8a_1_big.jpg sennheiser-ie800-audiophile-fulhallgato-6e8a_3_big.jpg Here they are:
  8. Partlys4int
    Ah , I thought you'd purchased the IE800S. Nvm.
    It's hard to tell. That Sennheiser certified label looks convincing though. I'd bet they are real.

    Edit: also look if the leather case has a metal engraved serial number inside.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  9. Philo
    Many Thanks, Mister!
  10. Partlys4int
    No problem
    If the IE800 do indeed resemble the IE800S, you'll thoroughly enjoy them.:)
  11. Partlys4int
    I find that using the IE800S on balanced (4.4mm) makes it sometimes feel like the band/ orchestra is around you. While the unbalanced is more frontal.

    It makes for two different listening experiences. I don't prefer one over the other but for longer listening I might opt for unbalanced as the 3D-feel you get from balanced can be a little fatiguing in my experience.

    I do wonder which connection type is more as the artist intended. You'd be inclined to say balanced as it takes away distortion, but in the studio were they using balanced connections to record then? The distortion from unbalanced could be factored in...
  12. Thesonofkrypton
    Like many before me I'm sure, I am deciding between the IE800S and the Shure SE846.

    There is no opportunity for me to demo them both so will likely buy blind and hope for the best lol

    I'm not a critical listener, just after an engaging fun sounding pair. Mostly listen to EDM, some modern pop and some classic motown and soul. I was a fan of the HD25 II and HD660s so leaning towards Sennheiser.

    Demoed the Atlas and really liked it but just can't drop that kind of money on one set, so looked for other options and decided it was going to be between these two.

    Those that have had both or tried both, which would you say is more closer to the Campfire Atlas sound?
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
  13. Partlys4int
    I haven't heard the SE846. But from reviews it appears it is more bass heavy than the IE800S. With your preference for EDM and pop, it sounds like a good iem for you.

    That having said; the SE846 is bulkier and will weigh more than the IE800S. But it is easier to use over the ear (cable).

    Contrary to what some reviewers said, I do not find the IE800S to be 'not engaging' at all. The more I listen to them, the more they open up while not losing body . And bass response, especially though balanced 4.4 mm listening, is quite strong when you have a good seal. Vocals are, indeed, a bit more to the back, but it is not disturbing at all. Almost on the contrary, because you can hear vocals very well due to the terrific soundstage.

    Hope this helps somewhat.

    Edit; I truly love the IE800s, almost adore them. I find that it was not obvious from the above.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2019
    Thesonofkrypton likes this.
  14. Thesonofkrypton
    Thanks for that info. From what I've read up about the SE846, the bass seems to overwhelm a bit and the soundstage is not that great. In contrast the good things I hear about the IE800S soundstage makes me want to try them. Too many options out there that's the problem. Might just do a bit more research see what other options there are... but the IE800S are very tempting esp with the 4.4mm option straight out the box.
  15. Partlys4int
    If you got the means to play them balanced from a Pentaconn 4.4mm jack, that's a very strong selling point to be honest.
    Essentially, you get two different IEMS; the balanced and single-ended cables appeal to different tastes/ moments.
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