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Originally Posted by puppets /img/forum/go_quote.gif
#3416 here. I gotta ask something, what adapter are you guys using with these? I just have a Radioshack type 1/4-to-mini adapter, just thinking whether I should get the one that Grado also makes - if it will make a huge difference. Thanks.

It is very unlikely you will hear an audible difference between the Grado adapter and the one from RS.
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Hey, i just thought of a good idea for this thread.

Do you think you could add a list of amps that the 325i is known to pair well with?

i guess from different budgets like

lower end - pa2v2

high end- mapletree
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Originally Posted by tjumper78 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
just ordered a pair from headroom. expecting them to arrive on thursday.
oh, how excited i am!!!
any suggestions on good ways to burn them in????

well just listen to music through them when you want to use em, and when you arnt google a pink noise generator and use it. Pink noise is awesome for burning in
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i have it paired with a headfive and it sounds great, but when i A/B tested it vs. the headphone out jack on the stereo i couldn't really tell all that big a difference. some of the distortion hiss was cleaned up and there was a bit more clarity and less muddiness, but the effect was really, really subtle
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Originally Posted by tjumper78 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
new user reporting in.
just got mine today. cant wait till i gtfo of work and get home!!!!
looks like mine doesnt have a serial number on the phones.
#6214 is written on the box.

Welcome, let us know your impressions when you get home.

I'm really enjoying the 325i's right now, a last blow out if you will, before someone else has them.

They really are great cans. What a bargain price.


I can't believe that no-one on head-fi has an older pair than

Dsana123 #1350 ???
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came home from work, started the burn-in, went to play basketball for 4 hours.
listening to some music right now.
these cans are just amazing. i cant really explain it.
until this day, i thought my sennheiser hd580 was almost flawless.
but these cans.. just wow..
cant wait till these go thru some more burn-in,
immediately starting to save up for a good amp =)
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Originally Posted by silverrain /img/forum/go_quote.gif
The Grado adapter is very good, and worth the money.

Yeah, I finally got one. I hardly noticed any difference in sound though. Still the extra cable suits my portable better than just the straight adapter.

Has anyone paired these hp with a millet hybrid amp?
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I just go through watching 5th Element using my 325is
I couldn't believe the level of detail I was hearing, background noises, little things that I never heard with my HD570s. And I was using them straight out of my receiver. (I don't think I'd have heard anymore detail using my Headfive)
These really are amazing cans, $300 headphones out of a $300 stereo, it's a whole new level of noise!
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I'm going back and forth between the RS-1s and the 325is and I honestly can't decide which I like better. Both are very detailed and present the music in their own unique way. Where there's extra bass in the RS-1s, there's clarity/silence in the 325is. I love them both.
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i will be returning mine. not because i didnt like the sound but because the left side can kept on dislocating. also the holding part of the left side can was loose. arrrr i'll have to wait for another week or two to receive the new ones.

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