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The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by valentinhogea, Feb 10, 2013.
  1. Wesbound
    Hello folks, can't decide between 800/800S. My actual rig is : win 10 - jriver- schiit modi 2 uber- schiit magni 2 uber - beyerdynamic dt1990. Now, i would like to upgrade the headphone. I'm happy with dt1990 but want more large soundstage. I listen most often funk (70's) , fusion, electric jazz (also acoustic) rock/pop. I'm not a basshead by any means, just want the bass the way the engeneer meant it. So, analitical but not boring. I've read thousands of thread pages but can't still can't decide between the two. One thing i understood,most of those who tryed both keeps the 800 (non S). more than someones says that the original 800 has got some kind of "magic". Thanks for your advices. Oh, i forgot to mention i listen also ectronic music and look here what headphone mister Nigel Stanford uses :ksc75smile:

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  2. Slashn77
    I listen to similar music and I think you should look at the lcd2 classics or even better the lcd X
  3. Wesbound
    Hi Slashn, thanks. But what about the soundstage with audeze? i guess it's not as wide as the 800...
  4. Slashn77
    I don’t know of any headphone with soundstage as wide as the 800s but that is only good on some tracks to my ears. The lcd 2 classics and X both have nice soundstage and imaging as well with more impact in lower bass and guitar plucks.

    I am not treble sensitive but with the audeze sound it is very comfortable and less fatiguing when listening for over an hour straight even though the audeze hp’s Are much heavier while the sennheiser are pretty light and comfortable

    Both are great options but it really comes down to personal preference. If you are treble sensitive at all then stay away from the 800’s. But if you want the tingling highs all the time then 800s are some of the best
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  5. bosiemoncrieff
    Maybe you want th900. I never thought hd800 was a good fit for non classical music.
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  6. connieflyer
    Remembering back to the early reviews of the 800, they almost always said that amplifier made a big difference in whether they liked or disliked the 800. I have used mine with 3 different amps, the first was the Garage 1217 Ember, nice but nothing to write home about. Next was the Feliks Elise and rolling lots of tubes found several combinations that were quite good. Finally the Feliks Euforia, better sounding all around. Now with the use of the Mullard EL38's in pentode strapped triode mode, the 800 has never sounded better. Base line is much improved , whole audio spectrum is about as good as I have ever heard.
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  7. FiGuY1017
    If you have the right set up I’d go OG 800 imo. Mine, in my set up is the most beautiful sounding headphone I’ve ever heard.
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  8. Thenewguy007
    With that rig, might as well go for the HD800S for a slightly less analytical sound.

    I can tell you for 100% certain that the HD800 will blow you away when you hear funk, electric & rock/pop & even if you are a basshead, well beyond the Audeze LCD-2 & Beyerdynamtic DT1990 can do, BUT expect to pay through the nose for a high-end tube amp & high-end DAC, as well as the accompanying cables & source.
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  9. Wesbound

    Big difference soundstage wise between 800/800s?
  10. Svatopluk
    Not really, maybe the 800's additional treble gives the illusion of slightly more sound-stage but it's not a big difference.
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  11. FLTWS
    I noticed no difference when I auditioned both in home for over a week in 2017.
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  12. tamleo
    Is it crazy comparing the Se846 to the Hd800? I have now $1000 and want to have a new hi-end headphones. I cannot bear the weight from my LCD-2 anymore (though I love their sound).
    I had many sub-$500 iem such as the Sony Ex1000, the Fischer DBA-02,, but nothing sounded like the LCD-2 in term of quality.
    Thank you so much!
  13. bosiemoncrieff
    I've collected my thoughts on K1000, especially with reference to HD800, in a review that you can find linked from my signature.
  14. RCBinTN
    The SE846 are tremendous IEMs, easy to drive, very nice sound detail, but won't give the sound stage of the HD800.
    But, the SE846 have isolating ability that the HD800 clearly don't have.

    Neither the LCD-2 nor LCD-X will approach the HD800 stage, although the LCD-X are quite addicting (I owned two pair).
    The LCD-4 are better, they come close to the HD800 instrument detail, but still not as wide a stage as HD800.

    I've heard the HD800S and, recently, the HD820. Didn't care for either nearly as much as the HD800.
    To me, the HD800S sound like the HD800 with a sock stuffed inside. And, the HD820 are just too boomy.

    The best advice I can give, to this difficult question, is: try to listen to several HPs with your own music and equipment.

    I have searched for years for the right DAC/amp combination, to adequately drive the HD800.
    A difficult journey. Finally settled on the Gungnir MB + Bryston BHA-1 that work well.
    Along the way, I heard the Yggy + Ragnarok and Yggy + WA5, both rigs made the HD800 really sing. But ... the cost is going up!

    You should read Bosie's review of the K1000 as compared to the HD800 ... very interesting :)

    Happy Hunting!
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  15. Nik74
    If it wasn’t you, someone has made the exact same comment a while back comparing 800-800S and it has made me wonder if it is time for me to try the 800 and see if I prefer them. I love my 800S but somehow I can imagine where your - exaggerated - comment comes from.

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