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The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by valentinhogea, Feb 10, 2013.
  1. FLTWS
    I hope to audition that one day, just because...
  2. deFiniLoGy
    Dekoni Elite Hybrid any good for the HD800S?
  3. Yviena
    How are people with glasses enjoying these headphones , is there any issues with seal/bass etc when wearing them?
  4. DavidA
    I've used my HD800 with and without glass and don't seem to notice any difference in sound but since arms of my glasses site quite close to the sides of my head it might be the reason for the little/no changes in sound for me.
  5. attmci
    No worries. If that's a issue, you shouldn't use any headphone.
  6. 480126
    I have the dekoni fenestraded. Comfort is much better. For me sound is super. Have no comparsion with Original pads. And the dekoni looks very cool/sexy
  7. Nik74
    No issues whatsoever, I wear glasses with a metallic rim and I have spent 8 hours + with the 800S on and I forget that I have either on!
  8. OldSkool
    HD800 is fine with my glasses, as well. I sometimes wear beer goggles late at night and forget I have them on before I pass out. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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  9. Buddhahacker
    I concur. I wear glasses and I have noticed no issues with seal.
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  10. muscleking
    picked HD800 serial 7800s, said bought in 2010. hooked up to my audio gd 10.32. not bright at all. i quite enjoy the sound. definitely more enjoyable than the beyer t1.2 when i had it. too bad i got rid of the little dot 3 before getting this. but the audio gd r2r has tube like sound. the wife quite enjoy the hd800 and her hearing is sensitive normally listen to very low volume and with hd800 she can crank up a bit higher. definitely a keeper.

    oh also finally a headphone that mine and her ears doesn't touch the pad, finally. every other headphone i tried ear will touch something.

    soundstage is not like a few hundred meter away like. it has a big sound, the build quality is very high. not as drop friendly as beyer 1.2 but it's light and comfortable. when i first got it just came from outside and the headphone feels very cold so i wonder if some of the silver parts are magnesium. but i see some small circle ring shape things where you get on plastic molding. so probably plastic. definitely the coolest looking headphone.

    i got a coworker to listen a bit with my deckard amp at work and he has a 35k worth of electric guitar and googled this guy on yotube performing live with same guitar and he likes the hd800 more than the LCD2.1 non fazor i received at the same time. the hd800 comes with this super thick 4 wire copper colour XLO cable that is heck long. i measured 4m or 12' at least. single ended not balanced. so is it possible to get this cable to be balanced by simply replace the end? i'll go home take a picture tonight. good deal for 1000 canadian with the original cable and this xlo cable and a woo audio double headphone stand, oh man this stand is nuts. sooo heavy and well made.

    now just need to get a highend usb cable. probably get the curious cable. and yeah the r2r audio-gd is a good match for hd800 for sure. i haven't tried my saber dac with it yet. probably won't be good.

    i put this to an iphone 5s and it actually sound pretty decent. can drive it at pretty loud volume at 80% volume.
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  11. Joong
    Hi, I am in with serial number 37xxx.
    Do you know guys how old is it?
    I should pick this up, because I think it is necessary passage to enter into formal hi-fi world and also I thought it is necessary ritual I should pass through.
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  12. Malfunkt
    Not as old as my 01201 :wink: The thing with the 800, is Sennheiser has been very consistent with quality. Very little variance and strict tolerance in production. What will change its sound more, is the quality / condition of the pads. But even still, the pads are quite shallow even when new.

    I just wrote a post comparing a much older 1980's Sennheiser HD540 to the HD800 among others https://www.head-fi.org/threads/wow...nce-are-so-good.670255/page-155#post-14562309

    The HD800 is amazing. It isn't as natural in tone, compared to the Utopia or even my old 540s but it does this other thing. That space, it just relaxes the soundfield. Your mind acclimates to the sound and you can immerse yourself.

    Headphones like the HD650 and HD800 are truly benchmark in the sense that so many of us have owned them plus they have such consistent manufacturing quality, especially the 800.
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  13. FiGuY1017
    For me it was the end of my search and I’m sure for several others it was as well. With the right pairing I have no desire to find anything better”
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  14. Joong
    You guys are comforting and welcoming me.
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  15. treebug
    Is anyone using the HD800 with the Luxman P-750U?
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2018

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