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The (new) HD800 Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by valentinhogea, Feb 10, 2013.
  1. nephilim32
    Anyone using the HD 800's with a Chord Qutest DAC and a Cyrus CD i player?

    The results are analytical magic. :)
    Great critical listening set up with no fatigue .
  2. treebug
    Has the HD800 now been discontinued does anyone know? I see it's no longer on the Sennheiser website.
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  3. yates7592
    Surely not. I can't imagine Sennheiser would ever discontinue HD800.
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  4. FiGuY1017
    Yes ,it has been discontinued from what I know
  5. Skullophile
    Can’t sell new crap without discontinuing the old.
  6. Malfunkt
    Looks like they are discontinued. Not on US or Canadian stores. They are classics now.
  7. nephilim32
    Well . I guess the HD 800 C's really do have the correct name.


    I will NEVER sell mine .NEVER.
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  8. muscleking
    had these for 2 weeks now. totally shouldn't waste money buying t1.2 a few years ago and sell at a big loss. overall these spend most time on my head. very comfortable. comfort is on par with ma900. i still don't hear anything bright about mine. actually serial is 8700 not 7800. still pretty early, but like other said i don't think the sound change at all if any for all the about 50k units made. very good for watching movies on netflix. the audio-gd i recently got is end game for me as far as amp/dac goes. i saw a guy here using o2/odac with hd800, you got to try something else. o2/odac is amount the most stale device i tried. anyways, very happy with what i got. just getting into more cable rolling. need to convert the ALO audio cable that came with the hd800 to balanced, not sure that's possible, for a true balanced. the trouble of finding someone to do it better just get a cable for about 100 bucks.

    anyone tried headphone cable rolling with hd800 on balanced cables? there are many on ebay for around 100 and it's silver plated or japanese copper cable. still haven't decide which one to go. i don't think it will make much difference for headphone cable if spend 100 or 1000,
  9. greggf
    You guys are right. No HD800 on Senn site. Holy cow.
  10. WilliamLeonhart
    Hmm that’s too bad the HD800 is the “standard” “reference” headphones for me... Which I use with tube amp only. So sure I’d never sell mine but what will happen if one driver dies? I hope Sennheiser do sell replacements parts for a long long time
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  11. treebug
    Confirmed by Sennheiser.

    'Thank you for your email. The HD 800 has been discontinued since the end of June this year and the successor to this is the HD 800 S'.

    See if I can track a new one down before they disappear.
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  12. omniweltall
    Hot da*n. I better get a spare one.
  13. treebug
    Yep. The S isn't for me, so....
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  14. Nik74
    800S owner here who has never heard the 800: should I chase a pair of HD800 up? I always felt that I might be missing something by not trying it out and I now feel triggered again.
  15. Malfunkt
    Congrats! Didn't find them overly bright either.

    Probably me. Yup I've tried others from Vali 2, Chord Hugo 2 to Eddie Current. I'll stick with the O2/ODAC just don't feed it stale music and its fine. The HD800 is relatively easy to power.

    That said, I do like the sound of tubes, and actually quite liked the Vali 2 I borrowed. Tube rolling sure. Cable rolling, I wouldn't rec.

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