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THE INTRUDER by RSA. balanced dac/amp. . Update available for even better sound. Just pay shipping.

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by jamato8, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. Mcberto
    I ordered mine on the 19th and I'm in the US and I have not even received my unit yet...
  2. motion51
    Same here, ordered on 19th and in US but not yet received. Super jealous and my gf look at me right next to me get seriously jealous about me being jealous ;p too bad she doesnt get it!
  3. chinjungliu
    I am in the US.  
  4. jamato8 Contributor
    Remember, the Intruder, like most any amp, needs some time to burn in. The caps need to form etc.. There will be some change in the sound, with it opening up even more and the bass becoming very well defined. I also have found that the sound stage gets very large, on well recorded music but the imaging is still are tight, not spread out.
  5. estreeter
    She's not alone. 
  6. ianmedium

    If the intruder is anything like the SR71-B then folks will find a real maturing of the sound around the 150 hour mark.. However, wait till you get into the 500's, oh boy!

    I recently had someone listen who thought the Blackbird a dark amp, he could not believe he was listening to a Blackbird when he heard mine! There is a delicious opening and clarity that occurs once you get enough hours on it, you really do not feel that your listening to a portable. It actually sounds more like a hybrid tube amp to me, a really good one! I bet knowing the consistency of Rays design philosophy the intruder will be the same if not better!
  7. SiGiE
    Hi Jamato8, I've been reading on the daily updates and it seems that the Intruder is the right choice for me, indeed.  Today, FEDEX delivered a package from Ray.  I was quite impressed by the very quick turn-around, thanks Ray.  I am liking very much the external appearance, size and weight. I am now charging the unit, as recommended.   I read the discussions regarding the USB cable.   If I may ask and if you can please confirm, which USB type will work?  Thanks!
  8. motion51
    I finally got my unit, which I was very happy for. Then after I charge it fully, I realize the left side of my IEM not getting enough volume, well almost none... I guess I will have to contact Ray for this but too bad I cannot even hear fully the sound of this little guy...
    By the way, for new guy sake, which toggle should I change when I use in USB DAC mode connect to my Mac?
  9. jamato8 Contributor
    It uses the standard USB mini.
    Did you check the gain switch? With one for right and one for left, it is easy to have one at low gain and maybe one at medium.  The switch in back is either moved toward the USB connection for usb or toward the 3.5 jack for non usb input.
  10. motion51
    Hello jamato8,
    I thought it was gain switch for sec and I made sure it is properly located. But still I am not getting any sound coming through. Well I will say almost none. I put it on H on left side and I play it then I can hear little sound coming through. Then as I slowly plug back out my IEM, I can hear from left! but then I get no sound from right... (it is like half plug out...) I feel that it could be the SE output connector issue. I try to contact Ray (email and call) but it seems like he is still in Japan. I guess I will have to wait till he is back. Regarding USB DAC, I was able to figure out and it works out fine in my Windows, but not in my Macbook Air. So I am bit puzzled... 
  11. jamato8 Contributor
    On the Mac you have to go to preferences, and then to the sound and you will see the USB device. Click on that and it should be fine. I know Ray tests each amp before they go out so I am not sure why no volume on the left. Does that change with the volume control at all? And in high gain for the left, the sound still does not get louder? Is the rear switch set for SE or balanced? 
  12. motion51
    Thanks jamato8 on USB DAC one. It works now! On the issue on my left side, if I turn all the way to the max volume, then I hear the sound somewhat but it is way too low comparably. So even if I set the high gain on left and low on right, I cannot balance the sound. In term of rear switch, I made sure it is on SE. I turn couple of time but same result...
  13. Mcberto
    stupid question but how do I know when the unit is fully charged?
  14. motion51
    Mcberto, the charge has light indicate that (Red to Green when it is fully charged I think)
  15. SiGiE
    Jamato8, Thanks for the quick heads-up. 
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