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The HiBy R3; The New Double Dac R3 PRO on Sale Now !!!

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by CactusPete23, Feb 14, 2018.
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  1. Franatic
    I'm new at implementing wireless/bluetooth audio. The only thing that really counts is how it sounds to the listener. Obviously there is a movement in the industry to improve the sound quality of wireless devices. LDAC is a problem because of it proprietary nature, but at this stage I need to listen to several types of wireless formats and decide for myself. I'll try the LDAC experience.........and yes I read there is some "reconstruction" of the audio here. I'm interested to hear how it sounds, especially compared to the wired option you have with Sony headphones. They also have noise cancelling, which adds another layer of processing. I'm not sure if that can be turned On/Off.

    I will also use the R3 as a transport to an iFi iDSD micro to use as a DAC/headphone amp with a pair of Shure SRH1540s.
    There will be lots of interesting combos to try with this amazing little R3! :)
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  2. turkayguner
    I do not understand why you guys give a fk about receiving bluetooth quality. Airplay and DLNA are way better, more stable and practical over bluetooth. We also are getting hibylink which is superior over any wireless options. We get wireless file transfer. We get Tidal!

    For a side note I read it somewhere while they were still running the KS campaign that apt-X applies only when sending signal. I do not think they lied to us. Yes they could be more clear about it but I'm sure when receiving even standard BT, audio quality won't be that bad.

    Nothing is perfect in life, and nothing will be.
  3. Vimtoman
    Can you get Airplay and DLNA on a set of headphones? :)
    Last edited: May 21, 2018
  4. khyaris
    Airplay requires both devices to be on the same wifi network.
    Airplay requires an apple device, I've got a galaxy s7.
    DLNA is for local files, it doesn't work with streaming apps : soundcloud, spotify ...

    Standard BT, as it's been said earlier, was not created for audio files. It's just bad.

    It's very shady they didn't state apt-x is only working in sending mode, since on the product description it's written "bi-direction BT connectivity with apt-x".
    Apt-x in receiving mode is fantastic on the FiiO Q5. They delayed the release of the Q5 to get the BT signal to go through their DAC, I guess it's not that easy to get it working, but still Hiby should have been more transparent.
  5. khojberg
    Before all these theories go too far, suggest we wait a couple of weeks, then probably the first have got their players and can tell about them.
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  6. ForgottenSpy
    New firmware 1.07 has just been released.
    No any visible tracks of Tidal so far.
    Waiting for the next one.
    Last edited: May 21, 2018
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  7. gemmoglock
    I think the OP was taken out of context. Airplay and DLNA was suggested since the R3 cannot receive APTX as a wireless DAC. So the suggestion is to use Airplay/DLNA to transmit to the R3, before R3 uses AptX to transmit to your headphones.

    Hope the sound is still good!

    Hiby just posted a comment on Kickstarter that they will start shipping this week, no news on LDAC or whether the leather cases are ready to ship... @Joe Bloggs any information you can share with us? :)
    Last edited: May 21, 2018
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  8. cagas
    There's no tidal ? I bought mainly to have tidal streaming.
  9. greenkiwi
    And I don't believe that dlna requires local files. I've used JRiver Media Center to stream non local streams to DLNA renderers.
  10. khyaris
    I meant DLNA needs files.
    A streaming app like Spotify is not gonna work through DLNA.

    edit : actually there's an app that could do the trick for android users, it's called AirSpot.
    It's been unpublished on the play store though, so it's weird ...
    Still, you need to be on the same network.
    Last edited: May 21, 2018
  11. ForgottenSpy
    It is still in the process apparently.
    Someone assures me that Tidal is already implemented in 1.03 and 1.07 firmware, it is just hidden.
    So being just a regular user i do not see it.
  12. idkk408
    HBB has Tidal on his unit (it was also available in the Headfonia and Headfonics review units):

    Don't you have the Chinese version? Tidal isn't available there, so it seems there is different firmware.
  13. qsk78
    The Kickstarter version should have Tidal.
  14. RuiPP
    With offline mode?
  15. Tanelorn
    Unfortunatels it wioll not have Tidal offline from the start as this was not licensed now.
    And as Tidals future is unclear, i won't put too much on tidal at the moment.

    HiBy said they are planning to include the Tidal offline feature later.. but there will be reasons, why they did not..
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