The HeadAmp GS-X and GS-X MK2 Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by macedonianhero, Oct 22, 2012.
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  1. elan120
    Good to read your comparison but on the other hand, very damaging to the wallet!

    I have the same Holo Spring L3 DAC as well as iFI Pro iCan, and recently just completed extensive modification for SU-1 to accept SOtM reference clocks in both USB input clock as well as output sampling clocks, so my next upgrade seems logical to go for GS-X MK2, and your impression is adding more comforting feeling. Thank you for sharing.
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  2. musicmaker
    Finally got a chance to unplug the amp to take a product shot. The champagne tone (almost rose gold) takes a bit of work to capture correctly. This is one gorgeous amp that sounds as good as it looks !


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  3. justin w. Contributor
    That looks very accurate on my 15" macbook pro w/ default color settings
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  4. biosailor
    Gorgeous amp, terrific picture!
  5. biosailor
    Just as a side note: got Van den Hul RCA cables ('The Name') from a friend of mine for testing. Running those single-ended into my amp and what I hear is really good: smooth sound with a tad better bass articulation than running balanced with my Neutrik XLR cables. It takes a GS-X mk2 to reveal those slight differences!
  6. adamdos
    Almost 4 weeks with my GS-X mk2. Bottom line: I am in love and I am enjoying every single minute with this piece of art.
    But I do have a small problem - I hate to use my Edition X2 with GS-X. Sound is so thin, absolutely not engaging with significant lack of bass and
    dynamics compared to HD800s. I tried all gains and all kind of music but in vain. Edition X2 are used be my favorite headphones with all other
    amplifiers I owned, but now I even considering to sell them. The only reason I am still keeping them is that they are perfect for me when using
    directly from Ibasso DX200. Now I fully understand what Dr.Fang meant saying that Edition X/X2 should not be driven from powerful amplifier/gain.
    Any one else with same experience?
  7. TonyNewman
    Can I ask which DAC you are using to feed the GS-X Mk2? The issue might be more the DAC than the headphone.

    I use my GS-X to drive a number neutral-ish headphones - HD800S / Aeon closed / HEKv2 - I have no significant issue with thinness or lack of bass, but I think is due to my DAC being a good match for the GS-X (Metrum Pavane).
  8. adamdos
    I am using 2 DACs: the one that in Ibasso DX200 (dual Sabre ES9028Pro) via RCA and Cayin iDac6 (dual AKM4490) via XLR.
    Probably I need to try different one. What can you advise in 1,000-1,500$ price range?
  9. TonyNewman
    I would have expected a better result from the iBasso DX200. I use that DAP most days in the office with the Aeon closed and find it anything but thin or lacking in bass. I am at a bit of a loss there.

    The only AKM4490 DAC I have heard (and owned) was the Hegel HD30. Very detailed DAC with amazing separation, but the most forward sounding DAC I have ever heard - not something I would want to pair with the GS-X (or anything else). I have no idea if that forward nature was due to the AKM chip or the implementation in the HD30.

    Sorry - but I don't have any answers for you beyond a general recommendation for R2R NOS DACs. The least expensive option I am aware of is the Holo KSE level 3 unit with the I2S feed, but that is around $2,500.
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  10. musicmaker
    The GS-X II is as neutral as it gets. It doesn't take anything away, it doesn't add anything. Just a transparent window into the source.
    The Holo KTE L3 is a great pairing with the GS-X II. There's one on the FS forum for a nice price.
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  11. joseph69
    The Holo Spring DAC Level 1 is in your price range.
    I use the Kitsune Tuned Edition Holo Spring DAC from Kitsune HiFi with the GS-X Mk2BHSE and I've been done looking for a DACs.
  12. joseph69
    The Level 1 Spring DAC is actually on sale from $1699.00 to $1499.00 right now.
  13. adamdos
    Thank you. I will take a closer look as price is within my DAC spending limit now. Any idea how much they charge for shipment?
    Ok. It looks like shipment is free for this. Now it looks like a very “plausible” deal.
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  14. joseph69
    You're welcome.
    Yes, shipping is free, and Tim is an excellent guy to deal with.
  15. llamaluv
    On a related note, I wonder if the relatively new Holo Cyan at $1k could be interesting for your objectives.
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