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The Fragrant Zither (TFZ) Reviews and Impressions Thread

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  1. sect44
    I own both. King Pro is warmer with less soundstage and detail but great overall tuning. They compliment each other nicely.
  2. AncientSw0rd
    Did you find that the SG changed any with more time on them? Wondering if they improve with burn in?
  3. Fawzay
    Eartips also plays a part too, im currently using the final audio tips and i find it pretty enhance throughout the frequency spectrum, especially with SG3 it enchance the bass quite noticeably
  4. warbles
    Hello there all....very glad to find a current TFZ thread ...am poised to pounce on either the Exclusive 5 or the King but am very worried about possible housing size problems . I previously bought some Revonext QT1s and in the event could not use them because of their big, bulky and awkward housing (well it was for me) which made any kind of fit more or less impossible.

    If anyone is at all familiar with the Revonexts can you tell me how the TFZ housing size compares ? It's damn hard to judge from just looking at the pictures!

    Perhaps there is another TFZ just as good but with obviously small housing ?
  5. expatriot
    Google tfz exclusive 5 or king and click on more photos, then click on a photo of your choice and you get a somewhat close-up photo.
  6. HungryPanda
    TFZ Exlusive 5 is awesome.

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  7. expatriot
    warbles: I forgot to tell you to google tfz "in ear photos"
  8. xuan87
    To contribute to this thread, I guess I can translate some of the TFZ information on the Chinese Taobao website which should help with your understanding of the various models that they have, I'll probably do this in different posts else it'll end up being too massive.

    The different generations of dynamic drivers that are found in the different models:

    3rd gen: King III, No. 3, Series 7 (unsure)

    2.5 gen: Secret garden 1, King Pro, King LTD, King 2, Air King, Queen, Tequila 1, My Love 3

    2nd gen: King (overseas version), My Love 2, Series 2/2M, T2 Galaxy, King (stop production), Exclusive 1, 3, 5 (stop production) and Series 4 (stop production)

    1st gen: Series 1, 3, 5 (stop production)
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2019
  9. xuan87
    Went down to Lendmeurears yesterday to check out the X1, I do have 1 coming in the mail but I just couldn't wait to hear it.

    1) It's pretty cheap for a true wireless earphones
    2) It's probably the best built wireless earphones in the market, at ALL price points. It looks freaking amazing and really really well made.
    3) They're really small and is probably the most well fitting IEMs that I've ever tried, contoured my ears really well and fit perfectly.

    1) The sounds signature is abit disappointing, considering I usually love the TFZ sound signature. Not surprising though, since it's using a single BA driver instead of DD or hybrid or multi BA. It's not terrible, sufficient for everyday use but not the best sounding wireless earphones I've heard. It lacks clarity and resolution, a little muffled, same goes for the bass too. I didn't listen to it much as I just wanted to get a feel of the general sound.

    Unknown: I'm not too sure how reliable will the wireless connection be. I was sitting in the shop, and encountered a 1 sec loss in the left earpiece so... Not totally confident in this aspect.
  10. wind016
    That's unfortunate. I ordered a pair too. It looks nice so maybe it will be a decent pair for street use.
  11. sect44
    Anyone tried the new Series 7?
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  12. audio123
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  13. xuan87
    Ok, I used the TFZ X1 as my daily IEM for 2 days, not enough to form a complete impression of them, but more than enough for a first. TL:DR This is a BUY for 1) non audiophiles who just want a pair of wireless earphones that looks good and sound better than most branded products out there and 2) Any audiophile that wants the convenience of wireless IEMs and is willing to accept a small compromise of lower sound quality.

    Why I will recommend this to anyone looking for a pair of wireless earphones is that this might be the most well rounded wireless IEM, a jack of all trade and master of some.

    I own a few wireless and tried a few more. Alot of my recent earphones purchases had been wireless earphones as I felt that it was an area with alot of development potential.

    My favorite sounding wireless IEM is probably the Onkyo W800BT, but the connection sucks, it's pretty expensive, big and bulky (both earpieces and casing) and the reliability of the charging mechanism is suspect. But the crappy connection is the reason why I seldom use it now.

    Some other earphones that sounded great are the
    jabra elite sport: connection abit spotty but earpiece casing is too bulky for my ears so hard to get a secure fit. Decent sounding but pretty expensive, which was why I bought the refurbished version.

    crazybaby air: my second favorite sounding, small and light with perfect fit, BUT the connection is one of the worst I've tried, I promptly sold it soon after I got it.

    X-Mini Liberty: Another one with great sound, probably my 3rd favorite, it's really cheap (I bought it at $40), connection is rock solid WHEN it works, as there are periods when the left and right earpieces can't connect etc... A reset in pairing will solve these issues, so it might be a firmware problem more than a hardware. But it feels abit cheap too with the plastic housing. Still, it works well when it does and it's low priced so I usually recommend this to my friends.

    Eoz Air: Best connection strength and reliability bar none, But the fit is really bad (I can only use it with double flange or comply tips, all of my single silicon tips are too short for the earphones to get a seal), the sound quality is ok but nothing special, and I always have difficulty getting the earphones to pair with the phone because they power off really quickly after removing them from their case. The touch control seems nice at first, but they don't work as well as physical buttons. Price is reasonable but I hesitate to recommend this because of the fit. It looks good though!

    And finally the TFZ X1: It has the best fit for me on par with the Crazybaby air, 2nd best connection strength and reliability only slightly losing out to the Eoz air, the best design for earpiece and casing, better sound quality than the Eoz air and Jabra but not as well as the Liberty and Crazybaby, and is priced lower than average in my wireless collection. Lastly the physcial buttons work well and have decent functionality (answer and reject calls, play pause next and previous songs, volume up and down, and even activate the phone's AI assistant).

    Sorry for the long post, but I just need to get it off my chest that finally I found the wireless earphones that most closely hit my requirements (well.... except for the sound quality... almost there.... almost...)
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  14. IryxBRO
    My article about TFZ No.3. In contrary to bright King series, No.3 have dark and warm sound signature. Rare to find among lots of bright models nowadays.

    My blog: LINK
    HeadFi: LINK

    _DSC9910.jpg _DSC9938.jpg _DSC9955.jpg
  15. wind016
    Cool I cant want to get mine but the chinese supplier says they didnt have any in stock. It said in stock when i bought them a week ago. very frustrating.
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