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The Fragrant Zither (TFZ) Reviews and Impressions Thread

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  1. wind016
    Hey yall,

    Question. How do I get more of the same wide bore tips provided by Fragrant Zither? I don't see anything else like it for sale. All the Spinfit stuff is all the usual bullet shape and not wide.
  2. HerrXRDS
    Any worthy contender for the King Pro yet? Lost mine and I am looking for a similar sound and openness, I'm trying to decide if I buy another one or should go with something else. Anyone tried the new King III?
  3. expatriot
    HerrXRDS: What's your budget? For about $30-$40 more you could stay with TFZ and try the Secret Garden HD, it gets very good reviews.
  4. HerrXRDS
    Does it have the same oppeness, bass power and excitement as the King Pro?
  5. audio123
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  6. AncientSw0rd
    I never had the King Pro to compare, but I like the Secret Garden a lot. Bass is nice and punchy on the SG.

    I have heard that the King Pro is a little bit warmer than the Secret Garden.
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  7. audio123
    You are right! King Pro has a more polite & warm presentation while Secret Garden HD is more engaging and delivers punchy bass.
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  8. wind016
    I saw your review of the Ikko Oh1 which was very good. But It doesn't compare to the TFZ line. How do they compare? I have the King Exclusive and I feel the Ikkos are a moderate improvement.
  9. expatriot
    oh1 nozzle looks quite short to me. I like a deep fitting iem, and that usually requires a long nozzle for me. On a side note, I think they are one of the most ugly looking earphones around, but if it's comfortable and sounds good it's good to go.
  10. warbles
    So which of the TFZs would be the deepest-fitting, do you think ? I too realize that a really deep fit (an ear is a man"s vagina after all) is the only fit in town, so which TFZ, and which accompanying tips for it, is our hest way to go?
  11. expatriot
    warbles: That's a easy question for me to answer. The TFZ Secret Garden HD or Secret Garden 3. The 3 is about $345 and the HD is about $159-$199 depending on where you buy it. This morning at Penon Audio it was on sale for $159, but they just raised it back up to $199. Go to their site and click on the pictures of the Secret Garden HD and you will see it's semi custom shaped. I don't own the HD, but I do own the Secret Garden 3, which are the same shape. Deep fit and VERY comfortable.
  12. audio123
    Yea, you are right. The Ikko OH1 is more controlled and articulate than the Exclusive King.
  13. warbles
    Thankyou very much for this hot tip (no pun intended?). I"ll be eagerly sniffing out that semi-custom shaped HD, as the SG 3 is a bit beyond my budget now! Oh for the day I don't have to keep pushing one or .both earpieces deeper into my ear to get the fullest sound !
  14. expatriot
    You are welcome, I'm glad I could help. I completely understand, as I now refuse to buy any iem that doesn't have that type of shell. If you get the HD, let me know what you think.
  15. Santojob
    I really like the TFZ sound signature.

    I have the TFZ exclusive 5, which I really like its bass. Following this sound profile, what other model do you recommend of TFZ as an update or improvement?.

    Is there any other brand or model that looks like the TFZ exclusive 5?.

    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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