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The FitEar CIEM Impressions Thread

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  1. issuzark
    Should I be excited with the bigger bores on that? That does sound promising. Hopefully it comes with a tighter bass too
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  2. ElecHires
    i think i gona put my titan in sale on head-fi they have to many high-pitched for me event if i change the cable for PW N5
    Last edited: Aug 16, 2019
  3. freddychin
    WeChat Image_20190818114611.jpg
    Just switch to Effect Audio Silver Thor II, Pure Silver 8 cables for my FItear 335DWSR.
    Sound so much better compare to previous Toxic Silver Widow, Gold/Silver 4 cables
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2019
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  4. AnakChan Moderator
    So how is the Effect Audio Silver Thor II different from the Toxic Silver Widow/Gold/Silver 4 cables? Is it the upgrade of of 2-wire two 8-wire? How is the overall signature? I would guess the bass would be more controlled however does it still have robust full sound signature or does it start to sound thinner?
  5. freddychin

    Based on my personal hearing ..............

    I find the separation is better compare to SW. Is more forward in sounding and have better high and mid detail compare to 006 cable and SW.
    Definitely the bass is not too bloomy compare to 006.
    It have more control and drum sound solid not loose or hollow low over SW

    Basically the overall sound signature of high and mid have move forward and the low laid back which I prefer.

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  6. georgelai57
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  7. freddychin

    Sorry cannot find it.

    Suggest you do a URL to hyperlink to it

  8. georgelai57
  9. freddychin
  10. ElecHires
  11. toranku
  12. fire2368
  13. EveTan
    Besides HK and Singapore, does FitEar have distributors in China/Beijing?
  14. urtv
    Any update on when this will be released?
  15. helljudgement
    From Fitear Website

    中国 / China
    南京 甲苯中国南京 [公模]/[定制]

    北京 甲苯中国北京店 [公模]/[定制]

    上海 甲苯中国上海店 [公模]/[定制]
    上海黄浦区浙江中路400号 春申江大厦6楼618室

    杭州 甲苯中国杭州店 [公模]/[定制]
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