The Fiio X3 Thread.
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Yep, AC charger works just fine, fast too for me at least.  I'm one of the lucky ones on here that never had much in the way of problems with the previous firmware, and using 2.14b its even more reliable.  I use a rather wide assortment of file types, and never seem to have issue.  I most certainly agree with sitting back and relaxing while listening to this fine device.
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hey  thanks!   I guess the only way to charge the X3 is through the usb cable and into my mac?  no way to hook that cable into an AC adapter of some kind?

I use my Apple charger and right to the outlet. Much faster that way!
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any feedback about analog eq from the x3 vs digital eq via the x5 ?
i love eq but most of the time it aint worth it, and i think that the analog eq on the x3, the way its implemented, is really usable
i think its one of the strong point of the x3
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If anyone's still looking for a sandisk 64GB micro SD card for not much money, check (europe only i think)

I buy stuff from them occasionally, and i know they're reputable.
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I bet he means the hardware-based bass and treble controls on the X3. It's nice that the X3 gives you a choice between those and a digital Eq.
Yes indeed, when he mentioned Analog, the first thing that came to mind was a row of sliders like on stereo equalizers. :D
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Yes indeed, when he mentioned Analog, the first thing that came to mind was a row of sliders like on stereo equalizers.

sweet dreams 

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sweet dreams :tongue_smile:
We have to dream... It will be July before we see a firmware... :D

I had to plug / unplug the lineout jack 3 random times today in the car to get the X3 to continue to the next song... Really hope that gets fixed.
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I had this problem, but fixed it by changing the 'Idle power off' and 'Sleep' settings in the fw...   In the beta fw, the 'Idle power off' has been erroneously configured to function as the 'Sleep' setting, and vice versa.
Since changing these settings accordinly (Both set to OFF), I have had no problems with playback stopping.  I understand this is fixed in a later beta.
Give it a try.
May 19, 2014 at 8:36 AM Post #10,305 of 17,474
Thanks, but both of those settings have been shut off since day one of the beta firmware.

Good to hear it's fixed as that was my only major issue.

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