The FiiO E10K--all-new DAC and amp stages

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Jul 10, 2014.
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  1. Kevin_a7
    will fiio e10k have an update in 2018?
  2. Dobrescu George
    Good question!

    @FiiO , do you plan to make a new E10K ? :darthsmile:
  3. wijnands
    I don't expect it. The Q1 fills that niche now
  4. FiiO
    We will consider about that. Maybe do you have any thought of the next version? You could share to us. :darthsmile:

    Best regards
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

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  5. wijnands

    Up the sample rate a bit
    Lose that annoying blue led or at least dim it considerably!
    bevel the front and rear panel

    maybe consider adding a 2.5mm jack since that format seems to be gaining now
  6. AliveNoMore
    I would actually appreciate a cheaper version of the E10K. Yes, I know for many people it's already cheap enough, but I would like a second one, and I'm not a rich man. I also feel some of the features can be dropped: like the bass boost feature and the digital output, maybe even also the line out.
    Also maybe a better potentiometer? Mine seems to produce some noise when turning.
    And of course any optimization of the electronics inside (like the transition from the original E10 to the E10K) would be welcomed.

    Please no. The E10K needs to be kept simple and plug and play. Not only is the current 96 kHz sampling rate already an extreme overkill for any human being, but increasing it would require more expensive and complex components, which would increase price and would break the current plug-and-play nature of the E10K by requiring drivers for the USB Audio Class 2.0 standard.
    Also, anyone who actually cares about needlessly high sampling rates and bit depths would almost certainly have the money to purchase something better anyway. The FiiO E10K fills a very important niche. It should continue to do so.

    Agreed about the dimmed LED. I like blue LEDs but the E10K's LED is too bright.
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  7. wijnands
    sample rate is like megapixels, it sells.

    Interesting point you have about making it simpler... I've never used bass boost or even the gain switch. Don't think I'd need the optical port.
  8. valynor
    I would like to see something different - I think you should lift the E10k to the next level:
    -dedicated desktop DAC (size doesn't matter)
    -keep the neutral audio character but add better components and a high-end DAC chip
    -keep all the connections, maybe even add optical, USB-C, Bluetooth ..
    -my personal dream feature would be a small display with a graphical EQ :wink:
    -price should be higher around $200

    I'd like to see that you do with the E10k what you did with the X3/X5/X7 series of portable players. :)
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2018
  9. AliveNoMore
    No argument there.

    I consider a gain switch to be a good feature, as it adds flexibility. It's better to use lower gain settings unless volume is insufficient.
  10. wijnands
    Fiio already has at least one desktop amp.
  11. Pecrobet
    Recently, I purchased the FiiO E10K Amp with DAC. After I unpacking box I quickly reviewed guide to set up my FiiO, BUT before plugging it in, I updated the firmware from website support. Then I plugged in the amp.
    ◾ Does anyone know if updating the Firmware First, BEFORE Plugging In Amp/DAC. Will this cause any sound quality issue?
    ◾The Guide says to plug-in in the DAC into PC FIRST Before anything else?
    *(It seems that the pop-up box doesn't allow me to change Bit from 16 to 24?
    ◾SHOULD I UNINSTALL THE FIRMWARE, Then Start Over from the Beginning?
    > ANY IDEAS?
    ◾I have the FX Enhancer Software, will this also have an effect? Should I Reset all my Windows 10 Audio Settings to Default?
    > ANY IDEAS?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated?
    Last edited: Jan 23, 2018
  12. wijnands
    Since when is there firmware for this?

    With windows 10 I'd say plug it in and use it, don't bother with asio driver
  13. SSSN
    Higher power output (maybe with an optional, additional power input)
    Better DAC performance:

    Apart from that, maybe TOSLINK input and RCA Lineout?

    What I don't need is balanced connections, I believe it's a pointless marketing fad for headphones.
  14. Pecrobet
    I'm not sure how long, but they do mention updates in guide.
    Goto FiiO website, click support, select your device, then a support page with details emergers
  15. wijnands
    I looked. I see no firmware just the asio thing
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