The FiiO E10K--all-new DAC and amp stages

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Jul 10, 2014.
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  1. dev0lver
    yea, it only happens when i turn the wheel
    it's not super loud, i can hear it only when there is quite parts of the songs or recording is bad, but with normal volume, volume surpasses it and it's barely audible
    ok, will leave it like that then, i wont risk damaging my device just because of that
    maybe it will magically (not) stop with more use of the device

  2. Dobrescu George
    Don't worry about it!

    As for your little mishap, don't mind it too much. I never mind anything funny about volume pots because it is their design to have some funny bits about them. It is healthy to keep in mind that FiiO uses some of the sturdiest volume pots around and whatever might happen, as long as it doesn't change the music, it shouldn't bother you!

    For the record, I have witnessed volume pots with imbalance at the start of their route, but since the imbalance was gone fast, it really wasn't a problem.
  3. dev0lver
    yea, i will leave it like it is, i won't risk damaging it just because of that
    and my fiio has channel imbalance, but at very lowest volume, or to say only 1 or 2 mm of pot movement from zero (no sound), but that is not bothering me, since it's only at very bottom of the volume adjusments
  4. sennarose88
    It's dirty pot. Just turn the volume wheel back and forth repeatedly until the noise gone.
  5. Dobrescu George
    Had to quote you solely because of Blanc


    As for the volume wheel, I do believe that you're right. I just wouldn't mind it if it doesn't affect music while it is playing.
  6. Arvan
    It's funny that the E10K has problems with the volume pot..My example had the same issue. But there is a proper pot in there. Its fully sealed however, so i doubt it's dirt that is causing the issue.
  7. FiiO
    Dear dev0lver,

    If the issue only happens in low volume of the E10K, it is normal phenomenon. The products with volume potentiometer have this feature as well. So please don't worry.

    Best regards
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  8. dev0lver
    No problem :)
    i will learn to live with the scratching sound, since it's not that audible when music is playing, and only occurs while turning the pot
    and that channel imbalance is no issue for me, since i know that almost every pot has it, and since it happens on really really low volume, i don't see that as an issue, because it only happens 1 or 2 mm of pot movement from 0, and it's way below my low volume listening level

    cheers :)
    Last edited: May 8, 2017
  9. HiCZoK
    I understand it was explained many times but can someone please explain again how bass boost switch works? I have e10k for 2 years and I love this thing. Using it with Koss porta pro with really not much thinking about it.

    I have the bass switch on all the time but I am wondering... Is bass switch in "on" position adding bass, or in "off" position removing bass?
    I jhust want to know in which position I am getting the sound intended. I like my porta pro with bass but I am not sure if this is how they sound to everyone or is the bass actually boosted and that might be the reason why I like koss porta pro so much?

    edit: Also - it would be difficult to buy new dac now... I don't think any other company is doing this bass boost and Fiio don't seem to have new desktop dac's with this bass option. So when I decide to switch in few years or when it breaks, my headphones will all lack bass all of sudden !
    Last edited: May 23, 2017
  10. Dobrescu George
    Bass boost adds bass and as for other devices with bass boost, there are quite a few . Depend in what price range do you want to find something.
  11. HiCZoK
    Price is always lowest as possible. And sound cards are not out of the question.

    Anyway - I am not looking for new thing just now.
  12. Hammy
    Nothing stopping you picking up another E10K while it's still widely available. Test it, keep it in a draw for when the original breaks down (which may never happen) :) These things have also held their value quite well.

    As for the bass boost, IIRC it adds between 6db to 1db between 20hz-500hz. There's a graph kicking around the interwebs showing the exact measurements.
  13. HiCZoK
    Not that I think it will break at all. This thing seem indestructible. I just like future proofing :)

    I don't fully understand Your second sentence but I assume it just raised the volume in bass area ?

    Anyone likes koss porta pro with this bass boost? I am using it this way and I think it sounds great but at the same time it's not really needed as the volume is more than enough at 3 in low gain mode.
    Also think I might check out ksc75 because it's so cheap. Everyone says its treble headphone but with bass boost it should be better. Kinda same as it did to my brainwavz hm5. It was super raw without bass boost. But it was okish with it. I sold it afterall because I like enjoyable headhphones with good amount of bass
  14. Hammy
    Yes, that is the net result. Here is the chart I mentioned in the previous post; I believe the yellow line is the E10K bass boost and the green line is the same feature on the E10.

  15. HiCZoK
    That looks like smaller difference than what I hear but I can see where it comes from. thanks
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