The FiiO E10K--all-new DAC and amp stages

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by joe bloggs, Jul 10, 2014.
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  1. HiCZoK
    I did some listening with bass switch in off position and I think porta pro disorts less or not at all now. Bass boos is nice but with all music.

    I've stumbled about post in which user was insisting that using 100% windows volume is bad for all dac's. Anyone know anything about this? also, what settings are recommended in windows 10 audio properties of e10k ?

    edit: here is the link
  2. Dobrescu George
    100% windows volume is good, otherwise you're loosing bit depth on the digital side of things.
  3. dev0lver
    one question
    has someone seen somewhere on the internet (probably not), a bigger volume wheel for the e10k ??
    i came to idea that maybe it would be possible to make a bigger one, for easier grip and easier use, like for 3d printing or some design in some 3d program, like autocad, which can be used for making the wheel later on, or from the wood if the design for 3d printing would not appear
    i am talking about depth / length of the wheel, diameter is fine, i would just wish that the wheel is a bit longer for easier grip, like 1 cm in length, stock one is 0,5 cm in length, or to say 5 mm
    i would try to make it myself, but i don't know how to work in autocad or in some other 3d design program...

    i pulled off the wheel from mine to make some measurements, roughly with a ruler (i don't have some exact measurement tool) , and i came to this measurements:
    wheel diameter - side with numbers - 1,8 cm or 18 mm
    wheel length - where you grip it - 0,5 cm or 5 mm - i think that 1 cm length of the wheel would be enough for nice grip
    hole for mounting - inner diameter - roughly 6 mm
    - outer diameter - roughly 8 mm
    - from flat part to inner edge - roughly 4 mm
    hole for mounting extends from the wheel on the back side roughly 2 mm
    total length of the stock pot with extending hole is 7 mm
    total length of the bigger pot with extending hole would be 12 to 13 mm

    would the be possible to make ??
    or at least a design to share for printing
    i know that it's possible to make it out of the wood, which would be also easier to do, but i think that 3d printing would make knob nicer
    for wood, round piece with 1 cm length, 6 mm hole on one end, and a small hole on the side for fixing bolt would be enough

    because only thing, that i think is a little bit lacking on the fiio is the small volume wheel, and the bigger one would make use of it far better and more enjoyable
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  4. audiolibrarian
    I've had my e10k since 2014 (early revision without the dial off feature), but I'm getting to the point where the channel imbalance at low volume levels, between 0-2 for me, is starting to get to me because I tend to listen at ~ 1. Is there anyway to fix this without reducing the volume in my OS?
  5. audiolibrarian

    There are other places you can look, but I found this to be a good place to start.
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  6. FiiO
    Dear friend,

    It is a normal feature of the potentiometer instead of a hardware issue. You may try to add a resistance cable for help.

    Best regards
    FiiO Stay updated on FiiO at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.

  7. Dobrescu George
    I can confirm what FiiO said here, this happens with ultra high end products as well, a bit of channel imbalance at the end of the track of a potentiometer is absolutely normal, nothing to worry about.
  8. SSSN
    I measured the Fiio E10Ks lineout and low gain output via RMAA and a Creative E-MU 0404 audio interface. The measurements are not that great. Included a few for comparison:

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  9. Dobrescu George
    The measurements look okay, around where I would had expected them to be actually. Which measurement would you had wished to have been different? I mean, considering that E10K also has an interesting price point, build quality, and driving power.

    E-Mu 404 is more than twice the price of E10K if I'm not mistaken...
  10. UNOE
    Anyone have issues with newest version of windows 1703, with current fiio e10k driver?
  11. riposte
    Need help
    My laptop (X1 Carbon 1st Gen) only have 2 USB ports.
    Is it okay to use this cable / splitter for FiiO E10K and wired mouse / wireless receiver?
    The USB output power from my laptop seems so powerful, clean, and possible to charge smartphone when my laptop is powered off or on sleep state.
    So I assume it's safe to powering 2 devices.
    I don't want powered USB hub.

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  12. wijnands
    that's one of those "your mileage may vary" things as the americans say. I can't see it doing any harm but it's no guarantee for success.
  13. amirm
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  14. m_bryant
    Question, Is the line out on the rear of the unit constant voltage? Like if I was to use this just as a DAC to a different Amp is that the line out that i would use?
  15. valynor
    Yes, that's exactly what the rear line out is for ... connection to a different amp or powered speakers. The volume knob in the front and the bass boost switch do not affect the line out.
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