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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by chris j, Aug 10, 2013.
  1. russdog
    Hi all...

    Before I read 184 pages of stuff that might pay off or might be an effort in vain, can somebody point me to a Stax primer? I'm looking for a good intro, one that enumerates and discusses the basic (not megabuck) Stax options, their strengths and weakness, etc.

    I did read the first 20 or so pages of this and (for very understandable reasons) you guys kinda just jumped into the non-shallow end of the pool. I'm just trying to get my Stax-related feet wet without having to play internet sleuth. Any suggestions?

    EDIT: I grok the stat technology, I'm not looking for a tech primer... just one about the various non-megabuck Stax options, that's all
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  2. Chris J
    Not too sure how answer this one, but a good place to start may be to state that even entry level stax systems come with their own headphone amp.
    So keep that in mind when comparing the price of an SRS-2070 to an AKG Q701, for example.
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  3. russdog
    Thanks for that... :)

    No way for you to know this, but I do get the basics. What I don't have knowledge about is what a list of non-megabuck Stax models includes (both current and now-out-of-production) and the strengths and weaknesses of each.
  4. Chris J
    Not much I can add......uuummmm......I really like my Stax SRS-2170 system?
    They are basically where the great Stax sound starts.
    I've never compared to the other low end Stax systems such as SRS-2020.
    All my other 'phones, like Beyer DT880 and AKG Q701 sound more like a speaker and less like music when compared to my Stax.
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  5. paradoxper
    You could simply crawl Google gathering models and look for singular and then comparative reviews.
  6. russdog
    Thanks for that... :)
  7. russdog
    Good point...

    Yes... I was just hoping to run into somebody who already knows, that's all...
  8. mikewr
    Not sure if you know, but the SRS-3100 system is probably the most popular lambda model out right now, with more or less positive reviews all around. If you already know that or if it's not really up your alley...

    You can maybe try to snag a deal in the classified section. I'm no STAX expert, just got my first system, but if money is the problem then that would be an option. I know every now and then you can find someone selling an old lambda model.

    Also, I know innerfidelity has a list of lambda models he reviewed along with another person (don't remember his name), so maybe that can point you in the right direction in regards to finding a good model to look for.

    here's the link actually:
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  9. russdog
    Thanks for that... :)
  10. HollowNoise
    Anyone heard or has the SR-307? Do they sound closer to the 207 or 407?
  11. d0od
    I recently got the 3100 set. I've heard about having to warm up the amp and headphones is usually 2-3 days for peak performance. Does anyone with the srs252s, leave their srs252s indefinitely? I'm just worried because it gets really hot, and I'm pretty worried about leaving it on for weeks, months, and I've even heard some say they've left their units on for 2-3 years. Also any tips for maintaining these babies for a long time, I just stepped into the world of electrostats, and so far so damn great
  12. Music Alchemist
    I had the SRS-3100 and kept things simple by only turning the amp on when I used it. It's possible that you could get better sound by leaving it on, but I'd bet it would only be a slight improvement.

    I'm assuming you're putting the headphones on a stand and handling them carefully. If you're paranoid, you could get a dust cover, but I never bothered.
  13. miceblue
    I just turn the SRM-252S on when I need to use it and it's good to go in around 20 minutes. I've had my SRS-2170 system for 4 years now and everything still works A-OK.
  14. Zoide
    In addition to the risk of aging the electronics (heat is the enemy of long-lasting things), I wouldn't leave the amp on simply because it would waste a lot of electricity :wink:

    d0od: What other headphones did you try before the SRS-3100? How do they compare?
  15. Pahani
    Like the others, I just turn on my Stax amp (252S, or SRM-1 Mk2, or 353X) when I'm ready to listen. I see no reason to leave it on indefinitely, and would consider it a waste of electricity. If I was really, really concerned about top sound quality for a listening session.......I might turn the amp on 20-30 minutes early, just as a precaution. I'm not a critical listener though, so I've never done that :p

    Perhaps someone is confusing it with a DAC. My Schiit Modi Multibit, now THAT I definitely do leave on 24/7. But power draw and heat generated are miniscule compared to an amp.

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