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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by chris j, Aug 10, 2013.
  1. JimJames
    How forgiving are stax 300 with old jazz records?
  2. LaCuffia
    I no longer have the L300 but my recollection is that it is not the typical super precise or analytical sound that you might get from most e-stats. It was actually a bit on the warm side, with pretty good bass. The 2170 system from what I recall was brighter. I used the L300 with an older Stax SRM-1 Mk II (PP) driver. I don't know if that would change the characteristics of the sound to an appreciable degree when compared to the 252s or 323 driver units. I listen to jazz on vinyl and the L300 served the records well. Just keep in mind that the L300 pads are really thin and your ears might touch the driver. You can get L700 pads to improve the comfort.
  3. JimJames
    Great, thanks man! Do you reckon that older driver was good enough or is it worth going for the more expensive newer ones? Because I see these older ones going for cheap on ebay and it'd be a nice way of saving money.
    Oh and if you could compare it to the ATH AD2000 or any other of that series you'd be de MVP

    PS and if the stax get any more/better soundstage with bigger pads
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  4. LaCuffia
    The SRM-1 Mk II is considered one of the better driver units that Stax ever made, but the issue I think is the age and the apparent need to have it serviced and re-capped. The one I had worked fine, and I don't know whether it had been recently serviced or not (it dated back to 1987 or so). While the SRM-1 is generally considered to be reliable and well built, a newer unit might be less risky. If the owner of the SRM-1, however, can provide proof of maintenance or service, you can't go wrong with it. The SRM-1 has a great reputation. Just make sure you get the one with pro-bias inputs (the five pin plug as opposed to the six pin one) - some of the SRM-1 versions have both options though. The L300 is not hard to drive at all - at least it doesn't require those powerful and expensive Gilmore units that the 007 and 009 require to get full potential. I had the 252s with the 207 ear speaker and there were no problems with getting sufficient power out of it.

    The only Audio-Technica open headphone I ever had was the R70x. The R70x has more bass quantity than the L300 but less detail and transparency. Sound stage is similar - both have a more intimate or direct presentation. The L700 pads give a little more distance between the ear and the driver, so the sound is I guess more spacious. Also, the L700 pads seem to increase the bass.
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  5. Pahani
    I simultaneously own 252S, SRM1 Mk2 Pro, and 353X driver units. Paired with SR-207 and L700. Each driver unit is a step up in that order, to my ears. To be completely fair though, the slight brightness I hear in my SRM-1 *MAY* be due to the age of the capacitors, they may be due for replacement.

    I believe I've read from the more experienced Head-Fiers that 353X is the logical price/performance stopping point for Stax amps, before jumping up to BHSE or KG amps. And that's the formula I'm pretty much going with.

    My SRM-1 and L700 are the exact units from the Zeos review video, and my ears pretty much agree with Zeos's assessments. On a side note, even having listened to my 2170 system daily for over a year, it took me @ 2 weeks to fully appreciate my L700 when I finally got them back. It's my opinion that short auditions of a few hours or even a few days don't do them proper justice. Indeed, the few hours I had with my L700 before I shipped them to Zeos had me experiencing listening fatigue for the first time ever, but I also had a headache that night, so there's that. But yeah, the longer a person spends with L700, the more I'd trust their comparative impressions. I'd recommend 2 weeks.

    I have no experience with L300 so can't help you there, sorry!
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  6. JimJames
    Oh and just read on reddit that some 252s end up frying, any news on that?
  7. LaCuffia
    Maybe because they are using one set to Japanese voltage in the US.
  8. SonOfGaladriel
    Hello All!
    I just joined Head-Fi this past weekend. I'm looking for my first set of good headphones and I'm set on starting, and hopefully ending, my foray with the Stax 3100 system. I hope to find a good deal on a set soon. I've enjoyed reading this thread and learned a lot. Thanks all!
  9. JimJames
    And how would you compare the HD 700 with the stax 300 (more precisely in soundstage/imaging, for symphonies mostly)? Sorry if I'm being too insistent but the search for my first pair of cans is driving me crazy and I can't wait
  10. BenF
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  11. Keithpgdrb
    The 700 cant even be in the same conversation as the stax. the 700 doesnt even belong in a conversation about the best Sennheisers. Can you tell I dont like it?? seriously though. the stax will give you more of everything. and if you want the symphonic instruments to sound vibrant and real, stax is the move. soundstage is quite good on the new stax. the original lambda is absolutely amazing, but i'd say the soundstage is larger on the new stax with the angled drivers.
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  12. JimJames
    That's good news. Now I'll go and see if I can at least trying them before buying in Barcelona.... Thanks a lot!
  13. mikewr
    Does anyone know if the U.S. warranty on STAX - when purchasing from a U.S. dealer - is transferable to another owner? I've tried contacting various dealers in the U.S., and they all say they'll forward my question to STAX but I never get a reply... it's been a couple weeks since I first started trying.
  14. gefski
    Stax support in the U.S. is non-existent. It's shameful that this long time company can't get a proper dealer/service/parts network going in the U.S.

    I'm currently sitting on (not literally) a 407 with a broken headband (well known Lambda problem). Can't find anyone to buy a new one from, including the bumbling dealer I bought the 407s from. Instead of helping, they whine and complain to me that they can't get parts.

    Though I love the performance of my 404LE, I have no plans to invest any deeper into Stax products.
  15. Tinkerer
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