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The Entry Level Stax Thread

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by chris j, Aug 10, 2013.
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  1. d0od
    Yeah, that seems to be the consensus. Well, I just had the ath-r70x, but sold them recently. They were fairly good, but the stax was just more lovely. The r70x was really colorless, which I like, but the l300's separation, speed, and soundstage were game changing to me. Honestly, it'd be hard for me to go back to dynamics. Now, all I have are iems like the ER4S, which was a factor in me selling the r70x, as well as the re00 and se215. I'll never sell my ER4S's, they're my babies too, unless the baby stax changes my mid lol. But thanks everyone for the advice.
  2. Zoide
    How does the clarity of he Etys compare to the Stax? Thanks
  3. d0od
    Stax hold their own. I think electrostats in general hold their own. It was a big reason why I sold my r70x, they just didn't have the clarity and smoothness that these had, or at least I didn't have to shell out a couple hundred more for another amp (I used o2+ol DAC stack). Electrostats do however have the same speed and clarity of an Iem, with the soundstage and separation of a really good headphone or even speaker imo, that's just my take on it. Many compared the r70x to the Hd600s, it was good, but couldn't compete with the clearness and openness of the stax, or the clarity and cleaniness of the er4s (there was a little bass bleed on the r70x with even the slightest bass boost on)
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  4. miceblue
    The ER4SR is one of my favorite universal in-ears. It can be a bit bright though, so that's where the SRS-2170 has the advantage, in addition to the perks of an open-back headphone. They're pretty similar apart from that.
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  5. Brahmsian
    1) I read that STAX offers no warranty outside Japan, is that correct? 2) Anybody care to compare the STAX nearest to a thousand dollars with the Koss ESP-950?
  6. Music Alchemist
    If you buy from an authorized dealer, you get a warranty. You'd have to ask those in the know about the specifics.

    I prefer the SR-L300 and SR-207 over the ESP950. (Owned them all.) In-depth comparisons are a pain and can't tell you how they really sound. You just gotta listen with your own ears.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2017
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  7. White Lotus
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  8. Music Alchemist
  9. RAFA
    Is there anyone in this thread who listens to vinyl with their entry Staxes.

    Recently I bought a tunrtable. I listen with a entry hifi amp and some old Tannoys. I love it. I fell in love with this record playing. The sound is soo smooth.

    However, my main listening sessions are still on my PC with STAX SRM MK2 Pro and 303s + HPA8 DAC.

    I would have tried my turntable with the STAX setup, but I have no phono preamp. This is why ask. What are your experiences with STAX earspeakers and turntable setups.

    This could be my next bottomless money pit. :)
  10. Bookbear
    It needn't be a bottomless pit :wink: You didn't mention if the cartridge you are using is a moving magnet or moving coil. It makes a difference, because some phono preamps only have inputs for MM cartridges. With that in mind, you might want to look at one of the ones listed in this article (which I have no connection with): https://www.themasterswitch.com/best-phono-preamps It gives some fairly inexpensive but good-sounding options.

    Have fun!
  11. RAFA
    I was eyeing the Schiit Mani. From what I read it is a very good amp for the money. The cartridge is a at95e from Audio Technica.

    What STAX do you use with your turntable?
  12. Bookbear
    I don't actually have a turntable anymore. I listen mostly to CDs off of a Marantz CD5004 through a Stax 323s driving Stax Lambda 407's. I've also been experimenting with FLAC digital files playing off a Cowon J3, also through the Marantz and the Stax... sweet!
  13. RAFA
    Cowon J3, did not read that in a long time. Had them all D3,S9, etc., but never the J3. I guess the marantz sounds quite good.

    In the near future, I will get myself a Schiit Mani :)
  14. Bookbear
    Yeah, the J3 is still chugging along. And Schitt makes some good.... um....****t :L3000:
  15. miceblue
    Wow the legendary J3? I didn't want to get one since they bricked on Mac computers. XD

    I'd like to get a Pro-Ject turntable though and hook it up to a Schiit Jotunheim or something.
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