1. WAAM
    Great idea? Imagine how "irritating" it is to wind those IEM cables around those tiny sticks and how it will make cables like "springs" when You start to use them. 
    Imho, not a good and thought-through practical idea[​IMG]
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  2. Sakujin
    My stands, got 2 more of these which I'm gonna setup my other hp's soonish.
  3. Allanmarcus
    Carful there. Those are pretty wide. You will be stretching your headband and putting pressure on the pads, which may lead to pad compression. 
  4. cdeviney

    Yep,  I was thinking the same thing.
    A liquor bottle makes a good headphone stand. [​IMG]
  5. Sakujin
    Ive measured and checked, its still smaller than my head and thats why Im using it :D yes I have a big head =X
  6. PinkyPowers

    The idea is to give the pads a rest while you're not using them. The speaker boxes might be smaller than your head, but they are still compressing the pads much more than necessary, yes?
  7. rellik
    With grados they are almost necessary. Leaving them flat against a table can kill the driver suspension.
    EDIT: My bad, I mean headphone stands, do help headphone suspensions and other headphone related functioning.
  8. Allanmarcus

    What is the "they" that is almost necessary?
    My personal philosophy is that they are bad. Oh, "they"? I mean pronouns :) 
    I've seen numerous grado pad ruined with omega stand. Grado, more than any other headphones, need to be suspended with the pads touching nothing, when not in use. 
  9. JWolf
    Is it OK to leave headphones in the box they came in?
  10. PinkyPowers

    Not if the box is full of spiders.
  11. Sakujin
    Thats true, took them off and just layed them ontop of the small speakers now where they rest flat and nicely.
  12. ls13coco
    What's the general way to go about making stands using upside down bottles?
    Like bottle type/size, mounting.
    I've got a picture in my head of using finished wood as a base, though I'd really like to make a "Omega" type headphone stand. (unless I can find one good for over 300 grams for a good price)
  13. garretwp
    Just wanted to post my stand I made from IKEA parts. I made four of these for around $15 each.
  14. cdeviney
  15. JWolf
    Can you please list which Ikea parts you used? Thanks.

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