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  1. Rainmaker91

    I found this one on gearbest if youre still looking. It's not the nicest looking thing in the world, but I think I'm going to copy the concept for my own design at least.

  2. vapman

    Not bad at all....
  3. Konstantin690
    That's a great idea.
  4. GREQ
    I saw this one too. Pretty cool idea.
    But, if I were to remake it, I wouldn't have single poles for winding the cable.
    Instead I would try to design a way of winding the cables in a figure of eight around two small poles.
    This will almost guarantee a tangle-free cable when taking it off the stand. 
  5. Rainmaker91

    I was thinking the same, the bit that I was more concerned about when making something like this would be the grooves that the IEMs are fitted in, but this seems to be working rather well. I'll probably make something like it that can be hanged on a wall, and now that you mentioned it I will use two poles for the cables :wink:
    GREQ likes this.
  6. daphen
    Interesting, how did you get the metal bolts attached to the metal "hangers"? Drilling? Or is it like that by design?
    Stahlreich likes this.
  7. Allanmarcus

    Drilled a hole and purchase some 1/2" bolts from the local hardware store.
    Decommo likes this.
  8. CoffeeCutie
    3d printer people:  
    Found this:  http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1657541
    Not mine, but looks to be a great project to download and give a whirl.
  9. potterma
    I've had an old 4" x 6" piece of pitchy pine laying around for years.  Always thought I'd use it for a project some day, and finally decided to cut a piece off and make a headphone rack.
    It attaches to the shelf above it.  Not fancy, but it works.
    nick n likes this.
  10. moosefet
    these all look great.
    A few times I've seen these white styrofoam mannequin heads at a local shop and liked the idea of getting one and painting it up to look like a zombie or something and using as a headphone stand.
  11. Decommo
    Wow. That earpads look huge... Is it HM5 angled velour earpad on HE500?
  12. potterma

    No, Audeze veggan pads on HE-6.
    Decommo likes this.
  13. grape ape
    Every time I try to make a headphone stand it turns out horrific. 
    spacehobo, GREQ and Rainmaker91 like this.
  14. Myk28
    haha Holy crap that's terrifying
    Viber and grape ape like this.
  15. grape ape
    I don't like it so much that it's come back around to the other side and I like it. I'm going to keep using it as my stand. I took a moodier picture of it.
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