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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. veyrongatti
    dosent surface pro use wacom as well? 
  2. Coq de Combat
    I think so.
  3. a_recording
    While the Companion seemed curious to me, I wouldn't be almost sure that a first generation product from a company that has never made a PC before would not be competitive with something like the Surface Pro 2, especially since the Surface Pro 2 is basically Microsoft sitting up, looking at their PC partner's offerings, and saying "THAT's not a convertible tablet PC. Now THIS is a convertible tablet PC."
    The Surface Pro does indeed use Wacom digitizer technology, though it doesn't support tilt sensitivity and has a 1024 level pressure sensitivity. Whenever I try sketching with it though (and I really should do that more) I am struck by just how natural it feels drawing directly on the screen and manipulating the canvas with touch controls. 
    If Microsoft made the Surface 2 with a digitzer though, I probably would have sprung for that given it's an overall lighter and more portable package.
    So, randomly, who has fun plans for their upcoming holidays? 
    I might go on a trip with family to Singapore.
  4. jgray91
    @a-rec, that's dangerously close (relatively) to me. Like, that will be around 300km distance. :p
  5. veyrongatti
    I definitely do not......
  6. a_recording
    Dangerous in what way? Will you ambush me? OR DO YOU FEAR ME
  7. Coq de Combat
    I would be afraid of you. All of you.
  8. jgray91

    A little bit from column A, a little bit from column B.
  9. DigitalFreak
    a_recording would be a good leader for the dirty dozen audiophile gang.
  10. Coq de Combat

    I bet he knows martial arts and stuff like the five finger grip of death!
  11. DigitalFreak

    Probably, wouldn't surprise me if he also knew the Ozzie death grip and the outback heart punch
  12. MuppetFace
    The Schiit Vali is now available to order. Already got mine.
  13. DigitalFreak

    Nice, I'll also be getting one down the road.
  14. C.C.S.
    I'm considering getting one as well. That will probably have to wait till next year, though. I've already spent more money on audio gear this year than I probably should have. I'm a little short on money as a result.
  15. CEE TEE Contributor
    @coq: Thank you very much for the additional background!  I didn't know how different the 5 was going to be before getting a couple of them.  Appreciate knowing that the 4 has the same surface so that I can recommend the 3 (hopefully driver support will keep up for years) and possibly look for a medium 3 to replace my medium 5.  Those older Bamboo tablets with smooth surfaces just went up in value as far as I am concerned.
    @MuppetFace:  Did you get an arrival date for your Vali?  Should have a Vali here by tomorrow night.  Think they will be able to produce enough of these for everyone very quickly, so that's nice...  
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