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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. veyrongatti
    Ohh well I guess I'd have to stay with the PHA1 Classic combination for now :p
  2. Coq de Combat
    LOL yeah...
    ...although I was referring to when we had a small debate about a year ago or so, where I said something along the lines of "Nevva evva gunna have an iPhone and it's SQ ain't no Cowon".
    Speaking of having cake in my face, or whatever expression DigitalFreak used. [​IMG]
  3. DigitalFreak

    So you took the egg off my face and made a cake? I never knew you were into baking. Got any fresh brownies?
  4. Coq de Combat

    No space cakes today my friend
  5. drez
    Guess it's a bit late for me to wish happy birthday but here goes nothing:

  6. warrenpchi Administrator
    The AK120 has 64GB native, and up to 192GB when using SD cards.  [​IMG]
    Yup!  And Perfect Sound confirmed it in email.  Lol, BTW, http://www.head-fi.org/t/691567/review-perfect-sound-d901-dido-calling-all-bassheads-your-unicorn-awaits
  7. veyrongatti
    So...... should I get a used car or an AK120?.....
    lol jks cant afford any of them............
  8. Tangster
    Should've posted that in the YKYAAW thread. :p
  9. EveTan
    I remember the time when I was mocked because I couldn't hear a (justifiable) difference between an idevice and the AK120... Ah... Good times...
  10. Idsynchrono_24

    In my case, I feel like it's a purely psychosomatic thing. I come in with these preconceptions of what to expect, whether subconsciously or not, and I end up feeling like something sounds better than it actually is. I felt that way about the DX50 and the F886. It "feels" like details are more clearly articulated/delineated, it "feels" like the bass is more controlled and that the soundstage has more depth, but when I play back the same files against an iPhone, I am less and less sure whether any tangible differences, in fact, exist. If they're there, they're quite subtle to my ears.

    I dunno, certain aspects of this hobby have left me kinda jaded. My recent run in with the hilariously good (EQ'ed) Sony MH1 has definitely made me question how much money I've sunk into various supposed TOTL phones especially.
  11. EveTan
    I see you still have kept the PFIXs. That's a good sign :wink:

    And are your Akg 3003s still your favorite?
  12. Idsynchrono_24
    I'm honestly kinda lazy about selling the PF IX ha. I love the phones from a conceptual standpoint and find them beautiful to look at, but fit issues really prevent me from enjoying them at all. Buyin them on a lark even while knowing that I had fit issues with the VIII wasn't particularly wise :rolleyes: and I'm planning to list it cause I really wanna play Super Mario 3D World this holiday :wink:

    The K3003 is still my fave, yeah, but you'd be surprised how ridiculously close the MH1 gets to it, and other TOTL phones. I was telling some other peeps that if I had any semblance of sanity, I'd sell everything, buy 5 pairs of MH1s and just call it a day lol.
  13. MuppetFace
    The Google homepage is really super cute today.
    I've been watching the Dr. Who "takeover" off and on all week, and I particularly enjoyed An Adventure In Space and Time which chronicled the show's inception and the difficulties the cast and crew had at that point in the early 60s when it was still a big unknown. The actor who played the actor who played the first Doctor was really great in his role. It was fun watching the spoopy Daleks rolling down the street on caster wheels, bumbling into one another and almost falling off the curb. Also the movie was surprisingly touching in parts, and it gave me a new found respect for the first Doctor.
    My favorite Doctor is still the second, followed by the fourth.
    Then the 50th anniversary special "Day of the Doctor" aired today. Stephen Moffat directed it. Soooo... I didn't much care for it. His is a case of someone who very much bought into his own hype, as deserved as it was, and pretty much lost it. I still think he has a lot of good ideas, but these days he just can't assemble a good story to save his life, and his writing always comes across as trying way too hard to be zomg mindf'ck. I liked the eleventh Doctor's first season, but since then the pacing has just been way too fast for me, too sloppy and rushed and hyperactive like everyone is coked up and trying to meet unreasonable deadlines.
    Still, I had fun re-watching a lot of the ninth and tenth Doctor episodes, as well as the eighth Doctor feature and the "Revisited" specials.
    Now if I could just get the damned theme out of my head.
  14. Coq de Combat
    I have to admit that haven't watched one whole episode of Dr. Who. I think I've watched about 30 minutes in all, and the only thing I really remember about him is that I found him to be rather obnoxious and that he has a screwdriver that shoots laser (does it?). I think he welded something with it, so at least it's some sort of plasma. We used plasma when I worked with metals at my second tin smith workplace:
    I hated it.
    I love the manual cutting of pieces. The manual crafting that goes into to creating the most obscure pieces of ventilation, the pieces that makes you scratch your head and wonder "how the f...?". Having a computer cutting out those pieces with plasma just isn't artistic, or exciting, anymore. The guy who was responsible for operating this plasma cutter and the computer was so proud of it though, claiming it's much fasterr and reliable. It wasn't. I remember doing a test against it and we completed in about the same time. Also, we once had an order of an obscure piece that wasn't in the machine's database of available pieces, so the guy had to do it in a CAD software. It was a headscratcher for him. I knew how to do it manually, because I had done one of those before. We had another guy at our workplace who knew how to do these things manually, and he ended up having to do it, because... well, that's automatic plasma cutters and their software for you.
    Anyway, back to Dr. Who. I found him rather obnoxious in that episode I tried watching and couldn't finish. I don't know, maybe he's just "special"? Maybe I'm just too Swedish?
  15. MuppetFace
    Which Doctor was it? Well, not Witch Doctor, but Who? If you mean the latest (11th) played by Matt Smith, I kind of agree. I started out liking him because he reminded me of the second one so much, but by the second of his seasons I got tired of his mannerisms. I think the best place for you to start---assuming you want to start---is the beginning of the series reboot, the 9th Doctor. He's the most down-to-earth (LOL) so to speak of all the Doctors. It's also where the new series picks up, and it serves as a good entry point as they re-introduce a lot of the series lore. He quietly stands there when the 10th one would nod profusely with bug eyes or the 11th would wave his hands and chatter in baby-speak (the Doctor really can speak the language of human babies, btw).
    The sonic screwdriver isn't technically a weapon, but a sort of multitasking tool that can do stuff like scan lifeforms, unlock doors, and maybe blow up machines from time to time, but by overloading them from within rather than firing lasers.

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