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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. Coq de Combat
    Jgray, I didn't about it to be honest. I was concentrating more on the games themselves, not the controller. I guess it wasn't bad though, because I'd probably have thought about it if it was ... :wink:
    Oh, I forgot to mention that I did try the Oculus Rift. Two things: Yes, it's immersive as all hell (you're there) but holy ******** crap, the bad picture quality. Think of those cellphones in the 90's that had just gotten color screens, where you could pixels from one another from three meters away. The colors were ... sigh. That's how bad it is. Future of gaming? My ass.
  2. lee730
    Well they are right in a sense. The future of gaming is going to hell if it continues down the path of half-baked, rushed games to market that depend on peer to peer BS. Kinda like the music industry :wink:. Gone to hell :p.
  3. veyrongatti
    Im Guessing the 5S trounces the SGN2? 
  4. jgray91

    If you didn't complain on either one, then so far so good.

    Wish I can try an OC anywhere, but as it is, it's going to stay a distant dream for now.
  5. driver 8
    What's a luxury burger?
  6. Tangster
    120fps or 4k resolution? Why not both?

  7. vwinter

    I don't know about the SGN but if the reason is sound quality, I agree. It's been impressing me a lot. Just did an AB with my 4S yesterday using the ASG-2 and a loaner FA-4E, and the difference is very audible. It wasn't one of those I think I can hear it affairs. It's of note that the 5S uses a new audio codec chip and separate new amp chip, both of which apparently aren't in any other Apple device, even in the new iPad Air.

    I was looking very hard into the DX50 but lost a lot of interest after I got the 5S.
  8. abchead
    How does your modded H3 compares to K3003, which I assume is the very best?
  9. Coq de Combat
    Unfortunately yes, however, I still like the idea of virtual reality. But first of all, the Oculus Rift is far too big to be practical in any way. Second, the solution of having separate headphones is, as weird it feels for me as a headphone enthusiast to say, a bad choice. They should integrate the headphones onto the Oculus Rift as it's already a chore to put it on - you don't want to start messing with headphones on top of it. Last, but not least, the graphic quality of it is a disaster, and that's me being nice. They need to up it to at least HD quality, because if not, I won't use it and I'm probably not alone feeling this way.
    We live in an HD culture now, cellphones have great displays, laptops are getting great screens, TV's are at least 720p, and so on. People want high definition and that's where we're headed. Standard definition, or whatever resolution they're using, just won't cut it. I can't see people moving away from HD, now that 4K is coming and consoles are getting great graphics (and PC's have had it for a long time now). It's just not worth it.
    Yes, you're guessing correctly. Also, it's pretty good considering this is coming from a (former) Android fanboy. But I'm in the middle of writing up impressions/thoughts/review/comparison where I'll go deeper on the subject of why I think Apple has the superior product (imo).
    I know what you mean. It was for me too, and I waited in a line for a loooong time to get to try it. Imagine my disappointment when I tried it. Outside of the novelty of virtual reality gone 2k (as in the new millenia), there's just nothing imo that you should feel bad about not having been able to try it. I mean, is it an experience? Absolutely. Is it immersive? Oh dear god, yes, I felt in my stomach when I tried a rollercoaster simulation. Is it good? No. Just no. Everything good about it, is completely, and utterly shattered by the sub-par screen. They need to fix it, imo. Until they do, avoid it. 
    LOL, well, it's a $20 burger with fries. It's really nothing special about it, except that they grind their own meat and so on. Just a regular burger, done like you do at home, instead of a burger lying around in a heatbox over at McDonalds.
    The sound quality is indeed very good. Let's put it this way: I don't crave for better sound quality. I do it with the SGN2 though. But sound quality, while better, is not the reason I think the iPhone trumps the SGN2 - but I'll post a longer post about it later on.
  10. warrenpchi Administrator
    Hi y'all!  I don't know if you guys remember me, but I used to post here once in a while, back in the day.  [​IMG]
    Been busy lately launching a new site, but thank goodness it's audio-related so I'm loving every minute of it - even the minutes that I don't love so much.
    On the agenda for today?  Some massive impression gathering involving 1 DAP (AK120), 2 DAC/amps (Woo WA7, ADL Cruise), 3 headphones (LCD-3, LCD-X, LCD-XC), and 4 cables (stock cable 1, stock cable 2, Cardas Clear, WyWires prototype).  It's so daunting that I thought I'd procrastinate a little and stop by to say hello.
    Hello!  [​IMG]
  11. james444 Contributor
    There's no single very best pair of IEMs in my collection, but the K3003s are easily among my favorites. Compared to the H3s, the K3003s are tuned more like a reference phone. The Sonys are less forward in the upper mids and highs, which makes them appear less detailed and analytical, but on the other hand easier to listen to, especially at higher volume. Mids are almost on par with the K3003s, the difference being only very small to my ears. They're extremely refined and highly resolving, and the tuned down bass gives them adequate room to shine.
    Bass, even with vents patched up and EQ tuned down, remains a force of nature on the Sonys: deep, dynamic and authoritative when unleashed, even though my "tamed" H3s are overall only slightly warmer than the K3003s now. The AKGs, themselves no slouch when it comes to bass, must simply bow down to the H3's effortless authority. Drums sound spectacular on the Sonys. I've been listening to Boulez's recording of Varèse's "Ionisation" today and I don't think I've ever heard that piece rendered more impressively:

    Bottom line, to my ears the "tamed" H3s are at eye level with the K3003s in several aspects (and even surpass them in a few), but the latter are certainly still the more accurate and reference sounding phones.
  12. a_recording
    Coq, it might help to know that the Oculus Rift units currently shipping are dev kits intended for developers to try making new game experiences with. The actual commercial shipping version hasn't been released and the target for those units is going to be at least 720P. So in other words, the screen is deliberately crap because they wanted something quick, cheap and dirty to get into developers hand's first. They are well aware that the video quality is bad.
    My biggest issue with the Oculus Rift when I try it (my friend has a devkit) is that the system of lenses is a little finnicky and you can adjust them forward to the point where they touch your eyeballs and that is really gross. I'm sure once you set it up it's all good, but I would look forward to a version where they can use curved LCD / OLEDs to either reduce or eliminate the need for the correction lenses.
     I'm deeply deeply excited about the Oculus Rift though. Even just to reply an entire catalogue of old games.
    When I get my Surface Pro 2 I'm going to get a PS4 controller and use Steam Big Picture and get back into some games. Also thinking about starting some game development projects.
  13. lee730
  14. Tangster
    A fully HD OR with a big open world game like Skyrim would be amazing. Similarly, I'm sure that playing Amnesia with a OR HD and a pair of good headphones would lead to you running out of underwear rather quick.
  15. jgray91
    I would be running out of sanity first before underwear.

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