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The diary entries of a little girl in her 30s! ~ Part 2

  1. tomscy2000
    Oh em gee.
    1385802_565971166806146_642398605_n.jpg 1375036_566892736713989_1458065257_n.jpg
    994941_572053896197873_1668248366_n.jpg 1378728_568308296572433_1710134111_n.jpg
    AMT or Ribbon Coaxial Tweeter, Dynamic Woofer. This is effin' nuts.​
    I wonder if our necks would snap off wearing them?​
  2. Idsynchrono_24
    ^ The aesthetics of that phone look like they've been inspired by any number of floor buffers lol

    And oh man, I've had Hausu on my HDD for eons, gotta get around to watchin that
  3. tomscy2000
    Maybe it's their way of saying that it wipes the floor with other headphones?
  4. james444 Contributor
    The longer I listen to the XBA-H3, the more I realize how excellent these phones could have been if Sony hadn't tuned them to compete with the Beats and Boses.
    With vents patched up on the H3 and bass set to -3 on my Fiio X3, the result sounds utterly fantastic and at eye level with the very best I've heard. The XBA-H3: a sonic gem, hidden beneath a crapload of bass.
  5. Idsynchrono_24


    V - I do believe it's safe to save up your pennies man :wink:
  6. blueangel2323
    That Abyss-esque headband...
  7. vwinter

    I probably like a good 3dB more bass than James anyway so a bit of tape and a pin seems like a possible purchase.

    James, how does it differ than your UERM, besides the mountain of low end... prowess.
  8. drez
    Good on them for trying something different, wish they didn't use SMC connectors, also looks are iffy but that can be forgiven if the sound is good. 
  9. james444 Contributor
    Thing is, even with the mentioned settings, the H3's bass remains still quite a bit north of the UERM's.
    The H3 and UERM differ quite widely overall, and the XBA-3 would be a much better reference to get an idea of the H3. To me, the UERM is first and foremost an analytical tool, but with enough "fun" thrown in to please a wider audience than just the die-hard nitpickers (no offense meant :wink:.
    Those who've been following my posts know that I don't believe in the theory that maximum detail necessarily equals maximum realism, and that's where I think Sony's approach comes in. They seem to tune their IEMs more inconspicuously, in that the detail is still there if you listen for it, but it's not pushed forward and doesn't distract from holistic listening. The XBA-3 were a good example for that and the XBA-H3 were obviously meant to take things a bit further, by adding the 16mm driver's better low end extension and more natural bass texture.
    So far, so good. They just overshot big time during bass tuning in my book and possibly also screwed up the DD/BA timing in the process, at least that's my best guess at why the bass on their hybrid (in stock tuning) sounds remarkably less precise and clear than on both their dynamic (EX600/800/1000) and armature (XBA-3,4) IEMs.
    That's where the tape mod comes in, which not only tames the bass amplitude, but surprisingly (to me) seems to have a positive effect on transients, bringing the DD more in line with the BAs. That's why I decided to try a second pair of H3's, 'cause I found it hard to believe that Sony intentionally tuned them that way in the first place, when reducing the vent with a piece of duct tape and a needle would make them sound significantly better. Well, "better" is in the ear of the listener and sure enough the second pair sounds quite similar to the first, so we'll have to accept that Sony indeed wanted it that way (and overall feedback in the thread seems testimony to the fact that they did their market research).
    Anyway, I'm digressing and not really answering your question... the XBA-H3, with vents patched up and bass tuned down, sound just like I'd envision a successful marriage of the XBA-3's mids/highs and EX1000's bass, the latter rather inconspicuously and tastefully integrated into the overall sound signature. There's still a minor tribute to be paid in low end clarity as a result of the crossover-less hybrid design, but their effortless and organic sound makes more than up for that.
    Coming back to the UERM, I know some have said these IEMs remind them most of Stax sound. I still haven't heard a Stax (shame on me!), but I've had the LCD-2 rev. 2 for a week and even the "tamed" H3's are certainly closer to Audeze than Stax. Though, on second thought, let's just wait for MF's upcoming H3 impressions, as she's much more entitled to draw comparisons to full-sized phones than me.
  10. DigitalFreak
    Has anyone ever heard of these guys before. The company is a new one on me. Some of their stuff looks quite nice
  11. MuppetFace
    I first heard of Hausu back when I was on LiveJournal and would follow a bunch of cinemaphile groups. Back then, you could only really find it as a download or bootleg. Now it's available as part of the Criterion Collection with really cool package art.
    My costume? One of the 3rd Street Saints. Which was basically an excuse to dress like a gang member and wear lots of purple.
    A miracle I wasn't shot, come to think of it.
    I've been waiting for something like this. Where did you find out about this thing?
    In either case, I like the Obravo slogan: Listen, Then Touched.
    Sounds a bit shadier in English than they probably realize.
  12. tomscy2000
    OBravo (Stymax International) is a Taiwanese speaker company. I actually haven't heard any of their stuff, so I can't really vouch for them, but they seem to specialize in ribbon speakers, and some of their stuff looks interesting, so I keep tabs on them with their Facebook page. Oh, and they seem to exhibit at CES every year, so maybe Tyll or someone who goes can go check this thing out.

    BTW, enjoying the new Stacey Kent album with the UERM:

    Also, what iPhone 5S can look like in the hands of someone who knows what he's doing:

    And the Galaxy Note 3 in the hands of the same guy:

    You can tell the 4K footage is a bit lacking in detail (for something that's supposed to be 4K), but by golly, this is impressive coming from a tablet.
    At the same time, I'd say the 5S is more useful because of the 120 fps function. 4K files are just way too big for practical use; I'd end up converting everything to 1080p.
    Smartphones are really coming into their own.
  13. a_recording
    It honestly seems a bit pointless to me. You can guess the image noise creeping in and the lack of image stabilization that Bloom points out will just obliterate any resolution advantage you gain by 4K (that hardly anyone will be able to experience anyway with their current gear). Who knows though, I watched  that on a lowly 1080P monitor.
    What I'm more interested in is a large sensor in a camera using pixel binning to get a better 1080P image, like what the Lumia 1020 is.
    I just got the shipping notification for my Nexus 5, hopefully the camera on that turns out okay.
  14. Coq de Combat
    I haven't played that game. Actually, I've only dabbled in Human Revolution (?), but I've got the game lying in my game bag, waiting to be played, and getting crossed off the backlog. I did however have a game day with a close friend yesterday. We went to a game convention here in Stockholm, and tried the new PS4, and looked at some upcoming games. PS4 looks promising graphics wise (to a point that yes, admittedly, looking at my xbox 360 afterwards was dull). One game that really caught my attention was Ryse - Son of Rome, for Xbox One (I think). Promising game imo. Simple, yet fun. A gladiator game, and it looked like nothing more (5 mins of gameplay won't give you a storyline or anything .. a hack'n'slash gladiator game, it looked really good).
    We rounded off by eating some luxury burgers, then we went to my place and fiddled with his raspberry pi and played some GTA V and Xcom Enemy Unknown (for the xbox, anoher one of my backlog, a fun and good game).
    Yes, I snapped some photos with my 5S yesterday at the convention, and yes, the camera was surprisingly good considering it was indoors and these conventions are kind of low-light which we all know are hard for cameras. As said though, the camera was surprisingly good, in fact, so good that I'd thought they were taken with a more professional dslr.
    I'll give some impressions of the iPhone in general, and compare it to Samsung Galaxy Note 2, later on today. I've had some problems with the battery (ios diagnostics says it's a memory leak from some, to me, unknown app, so I'm reinstalling ios alltogether to see if it helps). Spoiler: one of them is a pretty damned clear winner for me, and there's probably only one fundamental reason for it.
  15. jgray91
    @CdC, regarding xbone and ps4, how's their respective controller? Despite being Asian-ish, my hands are more like Westerners; and even then, looking for winter gloves are a PITA in Moscow, even L sized gloves don't really fit me lol. I more or less have chimp fingers (9.5 cm / 3.7" for my middle finger). Regardless, currently I liked xbox 360 controller more than Dualshock 3 just because it's bigger, meaning I don't get cramps.

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